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Google: A Driverless Car that Can Pick/Drop You from Anywhere You Desire

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Are you from California or Nevada? If yes then you may have seen the driverless car of Google roaming around on roads.

It’s  fine if you are not from Nevada or California. That doesn’t matter. The functioning of car is still a mystery for you as well as for those who have seen it on road.

Doesn’t that car arouse your inner latent intriguing soul? Don’t you want to know more about it? There may be some questions use to pop up in your mind like – how a car can drive better than humans in traffic? What makes the car one of a kind? These are the question use to pop up in your minds and in our as well here in GreyB.

Today in this post we will be sharing that how  car parks itself automatically. You are looking excited.  That’s Great!! .

The robotic chauffeur no doubt is an amazing invention and the tech behind the car is very intriguing. It’s going to be a finest piece of artificial intelligence. We studied all the patents of Google and tried to understand what they are doing internally. Based on this we predicted about the features that may be present in the car when it will be launched in the market. So let’s find more about this amazing machine.

Google’s Driverless Car Can Park Automatically

The driverless car of Google is capable of detecting its parking location by itself. Isn’t it amazing? You just get out of the car outside the gate of the mall and it then parks itself. The car tracks its parking spot using various methods. If it has the parking map from Google map, it will itself find its path. If the map is not available, it will try to read the board signs or the pattern printed on the road to find its way towards parking. There can be a QR code also at landing strip upon which the vehicle has to park.

If you do not want to park the car in the mall, it can also drive back to a specific location or parking spot after dropping you. It can spot a nearest known parking spot or can go back to your home.

Now you may be wondering that how a car drive back to your home by itself. As you are owner of the car; hence, you can instruct the car to go to a particular location by providing it information of specific location on the map. Based on that location, the vehicle can automatically determine the area for parking the car.

Google has built the car with various sensors, so that it can automatically detect trees, foliage, people, speed breakers and other known landmarks to see if the vehicle is in a known position. You have a green colored gate and three plants at your lawn and a speed breaker at a distance of 3 meters from your house. You car will remembers all these details and will locate its parking location by using these sort of details also.

Otherwise, a QR code printed at parking spot in your home will help the car to spot its parking lot. The car uses its sensors for this.

Google suggests installing a charging system at the parking spots likes at car owner’s home or office so that while the car is being parked spot it can recharge itself. Google also suggests an inductive charging system so that user does not have to connect charging cables every time and the batteries can be recharged wirelessly.

This is great. The car is not like your Smartphone that use to annoy you by displaying low battery messages on its screen. Your Smartphone manufacturer has to learn something from your car.

Google suggests use of QR codes, RFID tags for reference indication

One of the ways the car can track its location is by reading QR code or RFID tags which can be used along with various patterns printed on the road.  A QR Code may contain encoded address or position information. The vehicle will be able to determine its precise location based on the encoded data in the QR Code.  This means that as we read the boards on highways, car can also read and find out that whether it’s going in the right direction. The code could also contain exact global coordinates (latitude and longitude) or the landing strip location.

Call Google’s Driverless Car to Pick You from a Location

The use of QR Codes will provide secondary functionality. For example, if you need your car, you may click a picture of QR Code (reference indicator) on your Smartphone. The QR code may be printed nearby to you where you are present at the moment. The QR code will help you to guide your driverless car to locate your location.  We can say calling a taxi will become easier or you can request your own car that is parked at your home or at parking area of a market to come and pick you from your current location.

Let us give you an example to understand the whole process.

You have an important meeting today. You are at office and your friend is also visiting you today and his flight has just landed. You can’t go to airport to receive your friend. Is this a problem when you have Google’s driverless car? Frankly saying – No it isn’t.

You called your friend to send a picture of QR code present nearby. You received that image and directed your car to go to the desired location by supplying the QR code. The vehicle maneuvered autonomously and reached there and picked your friend from where he was standing.

Another situation where driverless cars can be very useful is when your friend is visiting your city for the first time and he doesn’t know the way to your home. You have the location information of the parking spot of your house which can be again in the form of QR code or map coordinates. You will send that to the driverless car and the car will automatically bring him to your house without any problem.

Infact the car will park itself at the parking position itself without any instructions and will use wireless charger to recharge its battery while you are enjoying dinner with your friend inside your house.

So it just makes your life very easy and everything happens on a click of a button. Have you ever imagined about controlling your car using your Smartphone?

Soon you will be doing that with Google’s driverless Car.

Very soon we will post complete detail of Google’s Driverless Car. We are working on it and it is one its verge of completion. We will give you an insight of how the car will probably work and how it may behave under different circumstances.

We here in GreyB use to come across such amazing inventions and decided to share it with the world. Don’t forget to comment and express your views about the car.

According to Lord Buddha –There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance.

Hence don’t ignore it and share it with your friend. Follow Buddha’s advice by posting it on your FB and twitter profile.



4 thoughts on “Google: A Driverless Car that Can Pick/Drop You from Anywhere You Desire

  1. Nitin 'fLanker' Balodi says:

    This is amazing. When this car will be on road it will bring a completely new experience for the passenger and for other drivers on road as well.


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