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Samsung: You cannot guess my password


Has this ever happened with you that your smartphone’s password was guessed by your friend sitting next to you?  Yes this is something pretty common. The new pattern locks that most of the smartphones are providing, are not that much secure. If your friend’s mind is pretty sharp then with small efforts he will guess the pattern you have been using to unlock your smartphone.

Our cellphones carries many confidential data ranging from personal to professional. We want to secure every classified detail. We don’t want that our personal pic can be accessible to anyone that are stored in our device. We don’t want that our anyone can read text messages that are in our inbox.

So this is a serious issue, isn’t it? But don’t worry at all. Samsung is going to address these problems. Samsung has come up with a solution for these problems. The new method, which is the combination of pattern and color, is much faster and is more secure.

How it will be working

It will be displaying two groups of color and symbol. The user has to select at least one element from each group and he has to make a combination of color and symbols. He can select symbol first or color first either way he likes and he has to remember the sequence also. In order to release the lock he has to select the same combination in same sequence. The selected elements going to be arranged in random manner every time to make it more secure.

We believe Samsung is going to make this optional so that only those who want a very secure access to their phone can opt for it and normal user can continue with the normal Android pattern matching lock. But its great to see innovative ways of doing the old things being researched internally by the company.



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