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Samsung is Using Image Processing to Save Electricity


About 80% of the people in world have an access to electricity and a typical household in the US consumes about 11,700kWh of electricity each year. The gap between the power supply and demand is broadening day by day and the whole world in heading to electricity crisis.

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Smart Accessories

Google: Smart Contact Lens That Keeps Your Eye Hydrated


Dr Brian Otis, Google X project lead, holding a contact lens .

There is no doubt that Google is one of the most innovating companies of this era. They are coming with lots of new innovative things in computer applications, wearable devices, security systems, mobile applications and the like. All know Google Glass and soon it is predicted that they will be coming with Google Watch.

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Smartphone Apps and Features

Samsung: Wave Your Hand to Wake Up Your Smartphone


It is normal to recharge (or replace) smartphone batteries at least once or more times a day. Similarly, smartphone battery appears to drain over night, when smartphone is idle.  Sending smartphone to sleep mode is a good option to save power. However, users generally find inconvenience in pressing or holding power button to activate/convert the device from a sleep mode back to a normal operating mode.

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