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Sony: Super Powered Metal Bones for your Body

How many times have you come across the famous quote by Coco Channel – “The best things in life are for free…?” Indeed, the best things in life are for free and often taken for granted. If we were to make a list of x such things, health and well-being would top the list for sure.


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This Innovative USB Drive Increases Online Account Security


Do you use to forget log-in details of your accounts every now and then?

Ohh yes it happens with almost every one of us.

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Sony’s New Me Too App – A New Competitor of Facebook and Pinterest


The power of social media has the ability to bring about revolutions, fan movements, bring governments to power and make or break corporate brands. The ice bucket challenge is an epitome of its power. Last year, the ALS association collected  less the $50k as donation but this year they have earned $15.6 million since July 29. This huge difference is created by the social media that made this challenge viral . Moreover, the celebrities like Mark Zukerburg, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates, and Christiano Ronaldo participated in the challenge and they posting their pictures on social networks. This was a significant factor in this huge collection.

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Sony: Super Resolution Digital Zoom for Smartphones’ Camera

Sony Super Resolution DIgital Zoom from Multiple Images

In our smartphones, we generally have a digital camera. You might have noticed that whenever you zoom using your smartphones camera, the image quality deteriorates.

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Computer Apps and Features

Sony: Forget Passwords and Now Smile to Unlock Your Smartphone


A skilled hacker can get access of your email account or Facebook account in less than 5 minutes by doing social engineering, URL manipulation, SQL injection and the like. I just want to say that password-only authentication is passé and not reliable.

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Home Appliances

Sony: A Television with A Sense

sony sensible tv

We all forget switching-off the television set when we are leaving the room.

How cool it would be if the television set itself switch it off.

Are we asking a lot.

It appears that Sony will soon be solving our problem with their new television. The new television will be capable of sensing the presence of the user using multipoint motion sensors. The television can sense the presence and departure of a person and other aspects like location of the person, direction of the person, distance and the intentions of the user.

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