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Google: Smart Contact Lens That Keeps Your Eye Hydrated


Dr Brian Otis, Google X project lead, holding a contact lens .

There is no doubt that Google is one of the most innovating companies of this era. They are coming with lots of new innovative things in computer applications, wearable devices, security systems, mobile applications and the like. All know Google Glass and soon it is predicted that they will be coming with Google Watch.

On Jan 16, 2014, Google announced their smart contact lens project. The lens is meant to help diabetics measure their glucose levels . There are certain discomforts those are associated with wearing contact lens. One of them is dry eyes. Contact lens intolerance is often a consequence of dry eye. Studies show that up to 50% of soft contact lens wearers complain of dryness. A person with mild dry eye may not experience symptoms until they attempt to wear contacts.

Google is going to alleviate this discomfort of contact lens wearers. Google recently filed a patent application regarding contact lenses consists of an electronic circuit that has hydration component present in it. The hydration component generates information regarding hydration level of eyes and sends that information to a smartphone or similar kind of device.

A wearer of the lenses can request for information regarding hydration level of his eyes. After receiving this information, the wearer can take necessary measures to avert dryness of eyes like use of teardrops to keep their eyes properly hydrated.

So this is going to be great use for people who wear glasses. We can foresee that how Google will combine this with Google Glass and in future they may replace their product ‘Glass’ with Contact lens.


4 thoughts on “Google: Smart Contact Lens That Keeps Your Eye Hydrated

  1. This is damn damn cool. I have often suffered from dry eye either because of the AC or because of staring at the computer for a long time. This one will be very very useful for me 🙂


    • Great that you are able to relate it with you. Google Contact lens project is going to be an interesting thing. They are even using a camera in it.


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