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Google: Facial Recognition in Chromebooks That Captures Thefties


James and Eric are colleagues of Steve. Their job responsibility demands them to switch their workstations more often. And every time Steve has to use laptops that are at workstations of James or Eric; he has to authenticate himself by login in to his account.

Same is with Eric and James.

Moreover, whenever Steve returns to his workstation after having a cup of coffee, a discussion or the like, he has to enter his password to login into his laptop.

And we all know that password based authentication methods are not reliable and are passé. The confidential data on his laptop is always at stake if someone has guessed his password.

Don’t you think that there should be a solution to all of the problems mentioned above? A solution that can help Steve to avoid authenticating himself again and again by entering his password and a solution that is safe at the same time.

Well a recent patent application filed by Google says that they have a wonderful solution.

According to the patent application Google may introduce facial recognition login in laptops or better to say Chromebooks. This new feature will save you from frequently entering password to gain access to your user account and at the same time will provide robust security to your laptop.

Apart from providing facial recognition login, this has lots of other cool features. I will be sharing those features later with you in this post.

Let’s first find out how the facial recognition login will work in Chromebooks.

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How Google’s Facial Recognition Login System Works

The patent application filed by Google says that the webcam of your laptop takes multiple images of your face captured from different angles.

These images are used by the user recognizer that extracts different information of your face from these images.

It collects information like size and shape of your eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw. It also saves the relative position of eyes and your nose. Based on these an identity of your face will be generated.

Next time, whenever you have to log in, you just have to sit in front of the laptop. The webcam and the login manager will identify your face and you will be logged in.

No need of entering password that are unsafe and you tend to forget frequently. Moreover, Google knows that sometimes our webcam can stop working due to lot of reasons.

Therefore, for such instances Google has provided an additional option to access you user account by entering your username and password.

Other Cool Feature of Facial Recognition Login Software of Google

You know what Google is not providing a facial recognition based login however; they are playing with the camera of Chromebooks.

You may be wondering how so let’s find out.

Capturing Thefties:

There are instances where an unauthorized person attempts to use your laptop. He tried to log onto however, fails because he entered incorrect username and password.

In such cases, your laptop will capture thefties of that person and will show you later when you will log on. It can also forward the Thefties to your email accounts so that you can take appropriate steps.

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Locking and Unlocking Laptop Automatically:

The camera has a camera detection range of 2 meters. You can also adjust it manually according to your needs. Whenever you will go beyond the camera detection range or will walk away from your system. The camera will send this information to the login manager and the login manager will send your laptop to the locked state.

In the same fashion when you will walk toward your system and will enter into the detection range of the camera, it will recognize your face and will unlock the laptop as soon you will sit in front of it.

So now when Steve will return to his workstation after having a discussion or a cup of coffee, the laptop will detect his presence.

And as soon as he will sit, an immediate access will be provided to him and that too without entering any username and password.

Power Saving:-

It happens sometime when we fall asleep after working on our laptops for hours or fall asleep while watching a movie during late nights. This software of Google also has an attention monitor in it for such instances.

Whenever you will look away from your laptop for a considerable amount of time, it will send your laptop to sleep mode and later to power off state.

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