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Samsung is Using Image Processing to Save Electricity


About 80% of the people in world have an access to electricity and a typical household in the US consumes about 11,700kWh of electricity each year. The gap between the power supply and demand is broadening day by day and the whole world in heading to electricity crisis.

According to a shocking report, billions of interconnected device are wasting enough electricity that can satisfy the demand of 80% of Canada. Moreover, the set-top boxes of TV consumed approximately 27 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in the US in 2010. These devices use to be on standby mode however, draw full fill of their electricity.

If you will breakdown the electricity generation by energy sources, you are going to find that 40% of electricity is produced from Coal and 4% from oil. Thus, when you waste electricity you increase your carbon footprints.

The Korean tech giant Samsung has taken steps to knock electricity wastage on the head. USPTO has recently granted a patent to Samsung that delineates an intriguing concept to reduce power wastage in electronic devices those have display screen from a remote power control server by using image processing techniques.

Automatic adjustments will be done from a remote power control server whenever devices like TV or microwave will consume electricity more than a critical value. The power control server will be present at thermal plant from where electricity is supplied to consumers.

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How Samsung is Averting Electricity Wastage by Image Processing Technique

According to the patent, a device will be fitted in electronic apparatuses like TV, Fridge and AC those have a display screen. This device will send the power consumed by electronic apparatuses to the power control server that’s present at thermal station.

The control server will calculate total power consumption of each house and a critical value will be set accordingly. The power consumption above the critical value will be considered as over loading.

Whenever the power consumption value will cross the critical value, the server will first send a warning message on the apparatus screen indicating to make suitable adjustments to save power and will wait for the user to do some changes.

If the user will not do the requisite changes within a predetermined time, the server will make adjustments by itself to save energy.

For example, a person is watching HD TV in HD mode and power consumption crossed critical value. The power control server will send a warning message to the viewer to save power by watching TV in standard definition mode instead of High Definition. If user will not do the requisite changes within a predetermined time, it will be doing the changes by itself.

Moreover, a user may set a priority of factors to be controlled when the power saving function is performed. If a user sets the priority in the order of brightness, sound and resolution, the control server adjusts the brightness first if the power saving function is performed.

In the same fashion your AC, microwave, coffee maker can be controlled to perform power saving.

This implies that now we don’t have to worry about the power consumption of our devices as all is going to be taken care of by Samsung.

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