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The Google Driverless Car Can Repair itself on Its Own


The driverless car by Google is an amazing machine. In our past posts we have mentioned that it can pick and drop a passenger from anywhere. One can impose destination limitation and can prevent its misuse. Google has not stopped here and is thinking of introducing even more amazing features in it. Another interesting thing that the robotic chauffeur can do is its ability to perform self diagnosis when any wear and tear occurs in any of its part. Not only this, when there will be less fuel left in the fuel tank, it will have the capability to drive to the nearest gas station on its own.

How the Robotic Chauffeur Does So?

The Google Driverless car is able to self diagnose itself based on the various kinds of detection sensors and the data stored in its memory. The computer checks the condition of various devices installed in the vehicle like the condition of brakes, tires and the like. The obstacle detection sensors give the information related to the  road condition, traffic information and the like. After receiving information from them, the robotic chauffeur maneuvers the car accordingly.

­– Here Is a List of Some Very Interesting Things That the Car Can Do –

The Car Is Narcissist and Loves Its Own Hardware –

The robotic chauffeur (autonomous vehicle computer) of Google is a smart driver that drives the car in a most optimized manner to increase its longevity and reduce wear of the various components. It does so, for example, by applying brakes and accelerating slowly so that it can reduce unwanted wear and tear from tires and brakes. It can also adjust the suspension, torque or horsepower settings based on the conditions of the roadway (icy, wet, smooth, rocky or bumpy, lots of potholes, etc.).

You Will Never Run Out Of Fuel

The car will never let you run out of fuel or batteries (in case of electric vehicle). If the car will be an electric vehicles then it will drive to a recharging station to charge one or more batteries and in case of gas, it will drive it to the nearest gas station on its own. The best thing is that it will have the capability to go to the gas station without any driver inside the car. Thus you don’t have to visit gas or recharging station on your way to office.


The Car Foresee Problems and Prevents them

The robotic chauffeur monitors the performance of various components such as the engine, brakes or tires. If there is an emergency, like the engine is at a risk of overheating, it will stop the vehicle to avoid any further damages. If there will be a less imminent problem, such as small wear in brakes, the car will schedule and drive itself to the manufacturer or a repair shop for maintenance.

The driverless car also detects and self-correct minor problems. For example, in case of incorrect wheel alignment or tire pressure, it will correct them itself, if possible.


The Changes Driving Strategies When Any Damage Is Detected

If any wear or damage will occur in any component of the car, it maneuvers the vehicle in a way so that it can mitigate damages. For example, the car has diagnosed that there are signs of excessive wear and tear in brakes. Further, from the geographical location and the data stored in its memory, it figured out that car has to descend a long hill and where there is also a stop sign present at bottom of the hill.


In such a scenario, where the brakes are worned out, the car will automatically adjust the throttle to give less gas to the engine so that the vehicle does not attain higher speed thereby reducing the need to apply strong brakes to stop the car at the bottom of the hill.


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