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LG: Your Refrigerator Will Tell You What to Cook and Eat


There’s been a lot of hype about talking devices lately. Internet of Things seems to be the next big thing especially after Google acquired Nest for $3.2 billion. Such humungous amounts of money being pumped in by the world’s greatest technology giant, give the hype some credibility. More realism is added to this so-distant sounding buzz when we see Korean giants, known for their technological prowess, readying themselves to join the party.

LG electronics recently filed a patent that hints that now LG is planning to provide Health Management feature in their upcoming refrigerators. This new health manager of LG generates a meal plan according to the personal information like his age, body weight and height of a person. Moreover, the smart refrigerator of LG is capable to create personal mean plan and as well as family meal plan.

LG has been working for quite a long time to convert their refrigerators into smart refrigerators. They are going to provide a refrigerator that will be displaying the amount of leftover in your fridge on an LCD panel and you don’t have to open your refrigerator door to check how much cold drink has been left. They are also using variable pressure sensors to keep vegetable and fruits fresh inside vegetable container. Not only this, they are also connecting your refrigerator with your smartphones through a Food management app that will be updating you about the status of the food stored in your refrigerator. And now by incorporating this health management feature they are really heading toward a refrigerator of next generation.

How Health Management Feature of LG’s Refrigerator Works

The Health management feature of the refrigerator already stores information related to various recipes, calories per recipe, information related to a food material, vegetables and their effects on your body. The personal information like your name, age, sex, weight, blood pressure, type of allergic food, medical history etc will be required to be added to the refrigerator from your Smartphone. The refrigerator can easily communicate with your smartphones by a wireless connection like Bluetooth to insert the personal information.

The health manager determines the food stored in your refrigerator and then it checks your personal information and based on this information, it generates a meal plan for you. The best thing is that it suggests multiple dishes and you can select your favourite one.


In case of family meal plan, it checks the personal information of your all family members and suggest multiple recipes those are beneficial for your whole family. Thus, it takes care of your entire family.

How the Health Management Feature Helps You

A device of this sort can have a number of applications. We’ve just listed out seven of them:

  • Staying fitter: Want to shed those extra kilos or gain some more muscle mass? This new LG refrigerator would help you regularise your intake without any of your excuses. It checks degree of obesity by comparing your height and weight and recommends dishes accordingly. Moreover, its interface generates a warning message in different color when it detects abnormalities in your body weight.
  • Avoiding allergens: It keeps a check on your medical history and based on that it selects foods those are harmful for your body. It excludes allergic foods from your meal and keeps you healthy by avoiding any kind of allergens.
  • Storing recipe information: You really want to try your hand at that delicious recipe from your favourite cookery program. No need to painfully measure each and every ingredient. You just need to tell your refrigerator what you want to cook and hey presto! You’ll have everything in the right quantity.
  • Better inventory management: Life becomes really simple if you have a list of what all is about to finish in your storage and you don’t need to run to the grocery store every now and then. Even the food manager app by LG helps you in this scenario.
  • Keeping a tab on what you eat: The next time you visit your doctor or dietician, you just need to ask your device to send forth all information about what you’ve been having in the last few days. More precision. Better diagnosis.

We’ll keep sharing more amazing stuff in the next few posts. Keep checking this space for more on futuristic technology.


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