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Apple is making it possible to Track Your iPhone Even in Switch off Mode


There’s no doubt that iPhones are highly sought after gadget and are in the most wanted list of the majority of users and thieves!!.

Moreover, like the iPhone users, the modern time thieves are much updated and tech savvy. They are aware that a user can easily find his missing device by find my iPhone feature and hence the first thing that will be turned off after your phone gets stolen is ‘Find my iPhone’ feature.

What if I tell you that now you can track your missing iPhone even when it’s switched off.

Awesome, isn’t it? One of the latest patent applications filed by Apple explains a way how Apple is trying to implement it. Apple is trying to deliver the location information of your missing device even if it has been switched off.

You can check the patent yourself from this link. In the meantime, let us explain you how Apple is really doing it.

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How Apple can track the iPhone even when it is powered off

The first thing Apple is changing in the device is how it’s going to Shutdown. Apple is introducing a shutdown security code in the form of a pattern lock or fingerprint authentication.

This means if you want to shut down your iPhone you have to enter the correct security code. Failing to enter the correct code after a specified number of attempts will lead to the activation of the location tracking feature. Once the location tracking feature is activated, the iPhone will appear to the user (or Thief) to have gone into a switched off mode but it will still be ON.

This means, in reality iPhone is still active and will constantly be sending the location information to the owner. It just appears to be switched off as it stops responding to all the interactions to the user. I believe this makes this tracking feature more robust as this will avoid alerting the thief that the device is in touch with the owner.

According to the patent application, the device camera would also click the picture (without Thief knowing about it) and transmit it to the email address (or SMS) along with the location information. Guess what, you will not only have information about the location, but also how the thief looks like.

User can easily change the frequency with which the current location of your stolen iPhone will be transmitted from the settings.

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It seems to me that Apple is making the iPhone useless for thieves now.

We feel this feature would have many loopholes as well. Can you think of some.

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