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New App of Facebook Enhances Battery Life of Your Phone


With 1 billion downloads on Google Play store and more than 25,475,163 ratings, the Facebook app is one of the most popular apps in both Play Store and iTunes. It’s also reasonable to say that almost every Smartphone user has Facebook’s app installed in his device.

Most of the users don’t know that the Facebook’s app runs in the background and keeps using your internet data to update news feed and other updates in real time. As a result, you constantly receive notification from FB app on your device notification bar.

As it constantly runs in background therefore, it gulps the battery juice and is among the culprits of faster battery drainage.

But it seems like Facebook is tackling this problem head-on and as a solution they are coming up with different ways in which battery can be saved. They have recently filed a patent application titled Conserving Battery and Data Usage to counter this problem.

Even you can guess what Facebook is doing from the title of the patent application. Yes you are right, Facebook is not only making its app power friendly only they are also reducing its hunger for data to a great extent.

Enough talks, lets see how FB is making its App power friendly and less data hungry.

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How Facebook App is Planning to Save Battery Power and Internet Data

According to the patent, FB will store your device specifications, settings and a power consumption profile.

Facebook will track the power status information and network connectivity information from your smartphone.

The power status information comprises of the current status of battery like charge is currently at 40% and whether the device is currently plugged in and charging.

The network connectivity information consists of the type of network (4G LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi), available bandwidth, security features and settings of the network that the device is currently connected to.

The patent claims to use resource-control algorithm. The resource- control algorithm is designed to extend the battery life and keeping you supplied with the fresh content from your news feed.

The resource control algorithm changes the pattern of notification to minimize the battery consumption. For example, when your Smartphone will be plugged to charger, it will send as much new notification. Similarly, it will send less or no notification when the battery is getting low.

Even you can specify a power threshold (e.g., 25% battery charge remaining) and the App may stop or reduce the frequency notification if it is close to the power threshold, and the device is not currently being charged.

The resource control algorithm will also check the type of network available to the device (e.g., Wi-Fi vs. EDGE vs. GPRS vs. 4G) and the data usage transfer limits for your service plan.

This information will also be utilized by the App to send notifications so that you shouldn’t exceed your monthly/weekly data usage limits. You can even impose a daily cap to achieve a smoothing effect.

What are your view about this new feature of FB’s App?

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