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Phonebook from Samsung that is going to Update itself Automatically


People have different voice patterns. This is a general fact that is known to all of us. However, according to great martial art master Bruce Lee Knowing is not enough you must implement it.

And we believe Samsung is acting upon what Bruce Lee quoted. They are implementing the fact that every person on this planet has different voice pattern. Now you may be wondering how. To satiate your curiosity read till the end.

It is well evident that the phone that we used in past, today has changed to Smartphone. It makes sense, therefore, to change its phonebook to smart phonebook.

Samsung, once again vowed the audience at CES-15 by their ground breaking technologies. And now, it seems that Samsung is going to rock the Smartphone world by providing a smart phonebook. The basis of our speculation is their patent filings.

In one of our earlier posts Innovative Phonebook by Samsung that Detects Emotions we flagged a patent filed by Samsung that describes the way Samsung is utilizing voice sample and visual sample to detect caller’s emotions.

Another patent filed by Samsung delineating that they are using the same voice sample to update the phonebook of a Smartphone.

We have also seen their flexible displays two years back in CES:

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The Hows and Whys of Technology

The Smartphone when receives a call, extracts various voice parameters like pitch of the caller’s voice, voice intensity, pronunciation speed and other features. It saves this voice pattern of a caller along with his contact details in its memory.

Next time, whenever someone from your phonebook will call you from a new number, your Smartphone will extract his voice pattern and will match it with already stored voice patterns. And if a match will be found, your Smartphone will infer that the contact details of the caller have been changed.

In response to that, your Smartphone will display a message asking whether you wish to update the caller’s phone number.

The fact that similar technology is being utilized in a single application gives weightage to the speculation that the patented technology can be turned into a product. Still we can’t be dead sure as most of the patents use to be sent to vault, eating dust and neither getting converted into a product.

Now I want to know your views about this? What do you think – will Samsung use this technology or it’s just another patent filed to block the competition?

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4 thoughts on “Phonebook from Samsung that is going to Update itself Automatically

  1. Hi,

    Wow, this technology is awesome. I have an iPhone currently, but this may just be the thing that causes me to look at Samsung phones and Samsung Products in general.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Take care,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohh that is great that the write up made you to look for the Samsung phones. Do you know that A8 chip that your iPhone has is manufactured by Samsung electronics? Moreover, Samsung supplies 40% of these chips that are used in iPhone-6 and 6 plus.

      You too have a great day ma’am.

      Take care


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