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Google is Coming Up with Intelligent Displays that Change based on Where You Are


You know you’re talking about something really interesting and out of the box when you talk about Google. If we start talking about Google, it goes from the Internet search on browser to a complete Operating System for smartphones, OR making satellite imagery available to an ordinary user to making the driverless cars possible which were just fictional some time back.

Projects like the Chrome book, Chrome cast and Android One speaks volumes about their interest in consumer electronics. If there is something that is common between all these projects, it is user experience.

In fact in one of their core principles’ states “Focus on the user and all else will follow”.

If you want to know what they are doing recently, they have recently developed a technology that will enable media devices like monitors and television sets to display content based on the distance of the user from the device itself. Isn’t this amazing!!.. You don’t have to go near to the screen to view the smaller elements. You can go through the patent details here.

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This is how Google is going to build their Adaptive Screens

The most important step behind this technology is calculating the distance between the user and the device which will be calculated by means of screen camera. Google is also going to take other attributes into consideration, such as user height, content, context, a user profile, a user number, an environment and a vantage point to make the whole experience better.

The output that will be displayed on the screen will be modified based on the distance calculated and a scaling function using a processor and a database. A small portion of the output could also be determined based on some gestures by the user.

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Here are few of the Applications of Adaptive Screen by Google

  • Command availability could be modified based on the distance and height of the user. For example, buttons on a touch screen could appear and disappear based on the distance of the user from the screen and change to voice commands when needed.
  • Aspects like brightness and sound could also be modified based on the distance of the user or on the user profile – which could include factors like height and age as well.
  • Information display too, could be modified based on distance from the user. In case of news, more distance would mean headlines and lesser distance could relate to news in detail.
  • Another application could be while listening to music – if the user’s closer details like an album artist, etc. could be displayed else the song name in bigger font would be more appropriate.
  • The very function of the device could be modified on the basis of distance. For example the user looks at the device from another room, it could function as a digital clock or calendar and when in proximity, it could modify it to stereo mode. Isn’t this cool.

Google for sure is going to give the Japanese and Korean giants in the electronics industry a run for their money. Such level of automation and convenience for the user has never been seen in traditional models of TVs and digital screens. If and when they come into the market, the industry would be in for a lot of radical change for sure.

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