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The Shape Changing Smartphone of Samsung


Technology is great! With the mobile phone turning smart, the products such as personal computers, landline and palm tops all appear to be products that belong to a different century and have just been squashed together in this period of time by dint of smart idealization and execution.

To quote Google’s Eric Schmidt – “It’s like Moore’s law running amok!” Mobile is the buzzword right now.

Can you guess what made Facebook pay $ 17 billion for Whatsapp? Or why is Snapchat valued at $ 10 billion?

Mobile is the word again – and synonymous to mobility is portability. Enhancing portability of devices seems to be the next immediate big thing.

Even the large medical devices are getting inside our small mobile phones. As a step ahead of its time (or maybe just the right time – who knows) Samsung claims to have the technology and expertise to make flexible devices to change shape as and when required. You could find the details in the following three patents – Patent 1, Patent 2 and Patent 3.

This is how the flexible Smartphone of Samsung changes it shape.

According to the patents, the shape changing flexible Smartphone of Samsung will have a rear cover and a front cover which is movably attached to the rear cover with the display in between.

The movability is given effect by a controlling unit that determines the relative positions of the front cover and the back cover. Moreover, the real cover will be made of flexible material like transparent resin.

The display could make use of the OLED technology that has a wide viewing angle, excellent contrast, and fast response speed.

Various sensors will be used that would sense the degree of bending in the display and accordingly vary the amount of color, saturation and brightness of the image being displayed according to correct chromaticity coordinates.

The display unit while being bent could surround a supporting member (around the display unit) while being bent. This would prevent any change in curvature or any damage to the display while bending.

The supporting member could also be made from an elastic material (plastic, rubber?) that could absorb any shock or impact due to change in shape of the display area.

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This is how the shape changing Smartphone of Samsung will help you

Making your device change shape is almost like magic! Let’s visualise a few scenarios in which it could completely obviate the need for separate devices:

  • Laptop Screen: You’re travelling next morning for an onsite meeting with your client. And you suddenly remember you forgot your laptop home! Ha! Those times have gone by. Your smart phone could now offer you a display large enough to make you forget your laptop.
  • Morning newspaper: Using a tablet for reading the newspaper – are you? Well you could of course use your phablet instead but carrying it around is big pain. How about a phone that could change sizes as and when required?
  • Projector: Projectors do give troubles at times in the meeting room. And when that happens just before something that could give you a promotion or that raise you badly need, we’re sure you won’t feel nice. No worries here. Samsung’s new expandable phone is at your service. As easily portable as expandable.
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  • MP3 player: You want to carry your smart phone for your morning jog? And let me guess – you keep worrying about it falling out rather than jogging actually. Well, you’re about to get fitter! This technology could resize your phone to become like if not the same as your mp3!


  • Packing woes? How many times do we fret handling bulky laptops or sensitive tablets while packing bags or going through security checks at airports? A device that could become compact and easy to handle would be very handy for sure!
  • Wearable tech? Who knows – with the ability to resize at will your device could actually be strapped around your wrist just like a watch! No need to worry about losing or dropping it anywhere! How wonderful that is!
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  • Intelligent resizing: The patent also says that the input needed for resizing could depend upon external factors as well. Your device could actually sense situations around and change shape – for example, if it lies in a cramped space and there is too much pressure being exerted on it, it could change shape accordingly or even provide a removable cover for the screen! Or maybe if it senses water around itself it could again seal the body thereby preventing any damage to the circuit.

If Samsung can come up with such a device early enough, it is sure to disrupt a lot of other domains in electronics and will take a very strong step forward in making itself immortal in the world of business and corporations.

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