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How Driverless Car Predicts Expected Movement of Objects on Road?


We have been posting about Google driverless car from quite a time. If you have landed on our blog for the first time, we would suggest you to go through this link. It will help you to understand how the car works.

Today we have planned to share the parameters that Google driverless car uses in order to differentiate between a bike rider, cyclist, pedestrian and other vehicles .

Detecting Vehicles, reading road signs in autonomous mode

The object detection system is use to identify, track and predict the movements of pedestrians, bicycles, other vehicles, or objects like road signs in the roadway.

The sensors provide the location and shape information of other surrounding vehicles to the computer which in turns makes a strategy like applying brake or taking turn, giving pass to rear vehicle and the like.

This information is also used to change the vehicle’s current path and speed based on the presence of detected road signs. For example, the vehicle will be capable of automatically slowing down from 50 mph to 35 mph if it come across a road sign indicating the speed limit is 35 mph.

Since Google is king of storage it also simultaneously uses the data stored in its memory to predict the location of road sign, traffic signals, intersections and controls the vehicle accordingly. So wouldn’t it be great if your car automatically control its speed so that it always gets Green in the traffic light.

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Predicting movement on Road

Google Robotic Chauffeur can also predict a detected vehicle’s expected movement. After detecting an object on the road the system determines its type. For example, traffic cone, person, car, truck or bicycle, and use this information to predict the object’s future behavior.

The type of object it determined by considering its characteristics like size, shape, speed or the amount of heat coming out from detected object. For example, bicycles are larger than a breadbox and smaller than a car, the speed of the bicycles do not tend to go faster than 40 miles per hour or slower than 0.1 miles per hour, the heat coming out from bicyclist is less than coming out from engine of a car.

In addition, the objects are classified based on specific attributes of the object, such as information contained on a license plate, bumper sticker, or logos that appear on the vehicle.For example, after detecting Kenworth’s logo the computer identifies the vehicle as tractor trailer and the logo of Harley-Davidson signifies that its a bike .

After detecting and determining the type of object the computer searches its database and extract the behavior pattern use to follow by a particular type of vehicle on the road.For example, a bike is likely to react differently than a tractor-trailer in a number of ways. Specifically, a bike is more likely to make erratic movements when compared with a tractor-trailer.

So more the stored information more intelligent the car is.

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The behavior data of different vehicles and objects on the road is saved and used to make a control strategy. Like a driver get experienced after driving more on the road the autonomous computer also gets experienced with passage of time.

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Illustration: –

The vehicle computer uses its object detection sensors and other sensors to detect the behavior of other vehicle on the road and other moving objects like pedestrians, bicycles. It keeps a check on their speed and directions with respect to each other and controls the vehicle accordingly. It keeps a check on that how frequently a vehicle is changing its heading.


For example, truck (in fig) is moving in front of the vehicle on its lane. There is another car present at adjacent lane to driverless car and moving with greater speed is greater than driverless car.The computer will estimate that the car will overtake truck within next few seconds.

The autonomous car also wants to overtake the slow moving truck. However, it has determined that the car is faster and is going to overtake truck and any attempt to overtake the truck will lead to collision between them.

Hence it will maintain its current speed and will overtake the truck after car will overtake slow moving truck.

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