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This Diet Watch Android app of LG Recommends Food for You

We all have some health goals. You may want to lose, gain or maintain your current weight. You may want to build your muscles or craving for running an extra mile.

To achieve these fitness goals we maintain a diet chart and then try our best to follow it. Moreover, to maintain a diet chart, the first requisite condition is that we should know what amount of food we are consuming.

Now my question is – what you will do if you have to check the amount of food that you have consumed from your recent meal?

First, you will gather the calorie or nutrient information of each item that were there in your meal and then comes the second step – you will add them up. Ok fine!! Let say you did it for your breakfast. However, the question is – Are you willing to repeat the same process again in lunch and then in dinner?

Sorry I forgot to mention about the evening snacks. Yeah you have to add that too. So another question followed by itself – for how long you can maintain such a diet chart? For one week? Or two may be. And after that this fad will get quenched.

So here is the holy verdict – maintaining a diet chart manually is quiet tedious and laborious process. It consumes your time and you are prone to miss your targets also.

Now you may be thinking that has the problem get solved? And the answer is yes. LG is going to provide a diet watch android app for their smartphones users. This diet watch app by LG will help you to achieve your daily diet goals by recommending and suggesting food for you.

We got to know about this app from the patent filings of LG. You can have a look at the patent application from here.

According to patent, you just have to capture images before and after consuming your food and that’s it. The app utilizes technique of digital processing of images to generate and display the consumed calorie and nutrition information.

This is how The Diet Watch Android App by LG works

First of all you have to sign up for the diet watch program in which you have to provide your diet goals to the app. You will be specifying the calories or nutrition intake. And based on these inputs the app will suggest and recommend food in future.

As we have mentioned in earlier paragraphs, the app utilizes digital processing of images. Hence, you have to capture two images of your meal. The first image will be captured before eating and the second will be captured after eating the meal.

From the first image, the diet management app will identify the food items. The identified food items will be displayed on sidebar by icons along with their calorie and nutrition weight (as shown in pic).

After finishing your meal you will provide the second image to the app. The app will calculate the amount of food consumed by comparing the second image with first image. It checks the volume of food eaten and calculates the calories and nutrient intake from that. This data will be updated in your diet chart.

Have a look at the image for better understanding.

Food Analysis From Images

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Recommendation and Suggestion of food by App

The app also recommends food for you so that you can meet with you health goals. It’s like having a dietician in your smartphones that is telling you what to eat and what to ignore.

Let suppose that you have signed up for diet watch program and you want to consume 4500 kcal per day. You have consumed 2061 kcal already till afternoon. In evening, you and your friend ordered a pizza and you are having a plan to eat 3 slices out of 4.

But as you are under diet watch program, you will take a picture of the pizza slice and will run a menu of the diet watch which recommends food.

The app found that by eating complete slice of pizza you can exceed the total calories intake after having your dinner.

Hence you will mark a portion of the slice using your finger or stylus and you will receive a kind of message on your smart phone display as shown in the below image. Thus, based on your diet goals the app has recommended you to eat 3/5 part of the slice.

Diet Wactch App Recommending Food

Let say the evening has gone and now you are at your dinner table. All set to meet with your dinner and you have consumed 2500 kcal of food already. Like we mentioned earlier, again you will capture an image for diet watch before eating your dinner.

The app will analyze the captured image and will recommend an amount of the food that is equivalent to 2000 kcal of energy so that you can meet with you targets.

So this is how the diet watch android app of LG will work. We have observed that LG is working around images and developing apps based on them. For example, they are also working on a feature that utilizes images to do group calls.

The only obstacle that LG has to overcome for better functioning of these apps is the digital image processing. If they can do it then, these apps are going to become viral among Smartphone users.

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