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Innovative Phonebook by Samsung that Detects Emotions

John’s daughter was sad when last night he forgot to bring home her favorite comics. Today, during busy office hours, he received a video call from her to remind him about the comics. He realized that she sounded a bit sad because of the yesterday’s miss. However, he was not able to talk to her in details due to his office work.

In the evening, while John was leaving for home, he checked his phonebook and found that his phonebook highlighting his daughter’s name with her emotional state as sad along with an image of her face that she was making during the video call.


Her face reminded John about the comics that he had to buy for her. He visited the nearby book store and purchased her favorite comics and informed her about it. Hearing this, the excitement can be felt in her voice.

After a while John checked his phonebook again and found that now his phone book is highlighting the emotional state of his daughter as happy along with her smiling face.


You may be thinking that how the hell a phonebook can store emotional information of a caller and can update it after every single call. Feeling Amazed? The above written story is soon going to be true in near future as Samsung may introduce this innovative feature in their smartphones.

Samsung has filed a patent application that suggests that upcoming phonebooks of Samsung smartphones will be storing emotional state of a caller. You can read the full patent application here.

So, won’t you like to see all your contacts to happy all the time? Let’s find out how new emotionally intelligent phonebook of Samsung can help you in this quest.

The Emotion Estimation Program –

Samsung is using an emotion estimation application to detect the emotions of a caller. The emotion estimation app can detect and analyze emotions of a caller during an entire video or voice call or during a certain section of the video or voice call.

While analyzing a call the app uses pre-stored voice sample and visual sample information.

For example, if the caller pitch is high and the frequency of words used in his speech is also high, the person may be potentially anxious or angry.

Similarly, during video call, when a caller makes a smiling face his emotional state is estimated as “good” using the pre stored visual sample information. And when a caller makes an angry face, the app estimates the emotions of caller as “angry”.

The detected emotion of the caller will be stored and displayed by an image captured during the video call or by using one of the emoticon and the word.

Today, when Chinese manufacturers are grabbing market shares with lightning speed, only innovation can rescue the market leaders like Samsung.

This emotionally intelligent phonebook is among such innovations. Apart from this, Samsung is also working on another feature in which the camera of your smart phone will act as its mouse.

Just imagine what an awesome smartphone Samsung can bring for us by using these features.

Can we say that the new phone from Samsung will be smart and emotionally intelligent too? We want to hear from you.


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