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Now You Can Use Your Smart phone in Screen Locked Mode


Don’t you get annoyed when your smartphones enters into screen locked mode while you were chatting with your friend over Whatsapp because you didn’t interact with it screen for a few seconds?

Isn’t it even more annoying when you read a PDF document and before turning to the next page you have to unlock your device screen more than once?

Yes that is annoying and may be you want to remove the pattern lock or password . However, before doing that you should know about the shocking stats by ITAC those say that in 2013, in every 3 seconds 1 person became victim of identity theft.

Your smart phone contains countless amounts of private data that includes: contacts, passwords and PINS, maybe credit card or bank account numbers, your email address inboxes, social media account inboxes. Thus, it houses a lot of important information that makes imperative to use a password or pattern lock for entry into your phone and have it enabled all times.

Don’t you think that there should be a way by which you can maintain the security and can avert the annoyance of unlocking its screen as well?

We know about your YES response in advance and so does the LG. LG electronics has recently been awarded a patent by USPTO that makes it possible to use a smart phone even in screen lock mode. You don’t have to unlock its screen and a seamlessly access to your smartphone will be provided to you.

Let’s have a look on the technology behind this intriguing feature.

The feature basically utilizes fingerprint authentication techniques. You will be authenticated based on your fingerprints  when you will be using your smartphone in screen lock mode.

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Let suppose you are browsing images in gallery and the smartphone screen entered into the locked state. While you will perform a slide input on device screen to see next image, the processor will extract your fingerprints. Your smartphone CPU will match extracted fingerprints  with stored fingerprints to authenticate you. If the match is found the next image of the sequences will be provided for you in the screen.

In case, there will be a mismatch, the device screen will return with an icon displaying that the content is inaccessible for the current user. Otherwise, a blank screen will be displayed. In this manner, a user can use his smart phone in a locked state without an additional authentication procedure.

So you can see that LG is ensuring the protection of your private data and enhancing your experience as well. We believe that in future, this can bring completely different access level controls in the smart phone market.

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Happy thinking. 🙂


One thought on “Now You Can Use Your Smart phone in Screen Locked Mode

  1. I think reading the PDF is a really good option. I have been able to receive calls on my phone even when screen is locked but reading is one place where it goes into a locked mode without really wanting it to. This can come in real handy in such cases.

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