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This Innovative USB Drive Increases Online Account Security


Do you use to forget log-in details of your accounts every now and then?

Ohh yes it happens with almost every one of us.

The reason is that nowadays all of us own multiple accounts. You sign up for different social networks, emails , bookmarking sites and what not.

To increase the level of security many websites encourage you to choose a password that should be of a certain length and a combination of numbers and special characters.

Further, you are encouraged to change your passwords on a regular basis.

These lengthy passwords in conjunction with special characters make it difficult for some of us to remember our passwords.

As a solution, some of us jot down our username and passwords on paper and some of us let our browser to “auto complete” our login details.

And next time when you visit a website, the auto complete fills your login details and let you login into your account.

This works fine in personal computers. However, if you do the same in shared computers like in cyber cafe or in offices then you are making your account vulnerable.

Even in personal devices, sometimes the auto saving compromises your account.

Your confidential data will be at stake when someone else access you account using that auto complete feature of a browser. The problem is more prominent in shared computers like in cyber café or in offices.

Now think of another situation where you have forgotten login details of your Gmail account and you are trying your best to memorize it but not getting it.

In the worst case scenario you can even forget password of another linked email account for recovering your lost or forgotten password.

This is quiet general and happens with almost all of us. We tend to find ourselves in such situation and feel hapless.

Losing an email account is associated with a huge pain of losing lots of data ranging from personal to official.

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Moreover, you even can’t use single password for multiple accounts. As if one account get compromised hackers are enough intelligent to try the same password to access other accounts.

And in case, login detail of your online bank account has been left to auto complete by your browser then the consequences can be even worse than your horrible nightmare.

I may not be wrong to say that the conventional passwords are  highly unreliable and are prone to be guessed, forgotten or stolen.

What about the biometric authentication?

Yes, biometric authentication systems are highly reliable and can avert flaws of conventional password methods.

In past few years, among all biometric technologies, fingerprint biometric authentication has captured maximum of the market share. According to Forbes, the fingerprint sensor market expected to grow four times by 2020.

Sony has products in market that use fingerprint sensors for authentication process and already a player of this market. Now they are all set to roll another product that is a USB fingerprint device. It will use your fingerprints to verify your identity for a website.

We got this information from one of their patent application. You can get an access to it from here.

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What Does USB fingerprint Scanner of Sony Do?

The USB fingerprint scanner of Sony will carry a biometric template of your fingerprints and the login details of your various online accounts. The username and passwords for different website along with their URLs will be stored in the USB drive.

Every time you will load a website, and give your fingerprints, your username and password will be entered automatically by the USB drive and access to your online account will be provided.

For example, you want to get access to your Gmail account. Insert the USB stick into your laptop. It will light up for fingerprint scanning. Just put your finger on the scanner. The scanner will scan your fingerprints and will match them with already stored biometric data.

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Then it will check the URL of a website that you have entered and will retrieve the username and password for that website. Your username and password will get entered by itself and you will get logged-in to your Gmail account. That’s it.

Isn’t it awesome? You don’t have to remember passwords and high security of your website account is ensured. What do you think where else this technology of Sony can be implemented? My guess is – this technology of Sony can be used in internet dongles. The dongle will provide you internet data  and will save your login details as well.

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4 thoughts on “This Innovative USB Drive Increases Online Account Security

  1. Mark says:

    On the down side, the courts have recently ruled that you while you may withhold a password, you cannot withhold your fingerprint as a form of your constitutionally assured right to silence.

    If you secure your life with your fingerprint, you risk losing all protections of your privacy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nitin 'fLanker' Balodi says:

      Yes you are right bro. Additional protection for joint accounts can be imparted. Like one can get access to his on-line bank account only when fingerprints of both of the account holders will be provided to the login manager.


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