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LG: Now Touch 3D Images in Air

3 Dimensional images have been the buzz word around when we talk about imaging. We have thousands of 3-D movie theaters around us that caters to the craze of people wanting to make their experience as real as possible.

LG electronics has recently filed a patent for a 3D imaging technology which can very well make it possible to project 3D images in air. Apart from this, you will be able to see a 3D image from any  direction, interact with them in the air such as reaching your hand into the projected image, touching it, swiping to change image etc. Most important, there will be no need of wearing those funny 3D glasses.

Let us tell you a bit about the Hows and Whys of this technology. Here is a short description of how this technology will work.

The device for projecting 3D images into air consists of

  • A projector that has a floating lens and a smart PDLC glass;
  • A 3D display unit that further consist of two displays – one for 3D image and one for its background image;
  • A motor that moves the two display screens with respect to the projector so that a 3D image can be projected at a desired location in space accurately;
  • A controller that controls motor and projector by sending control signals.

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How These Device Work to Project a 3D Image into Air–

The controller sends 3D image and a background image to the display screens and also sends instructions to the motor to adjust the position of the display screens with respect to the projector. Both screens display the sent images and the projector reflects/transmit the lights of the display screen and projects a 3D image in air and also at a desired location.

Talking about application and thinking beyond movie theatres, this can very well be a pioneer in creating virtual 3D spaces. And when it comes to that, we know it is nothing less than magic in today’s era. Here is how we believe this technology can change our life:

  • Boardrooms: Imagine discussing projects and timelines on 3D graphs and charts. Those meetings won’t seem as boring now because you can explain the things more clearly than explaining them on 2D images.
  • Exhibitions: Want to have a look at your new house after construction or want to see how your new car would look from the inside? Welcome to the 21st


  • The Future of Classrooms: The technology is surely going to enhance the classroom experience of students and as well as of the teacher. Now your chemistry teacher can explain the 3D structure of a molecule to you in a better manner. Moreover, it’s going to be very easy for you to understand such typical concepts.


  • Explore Famous Sites of the World: Of course, nothing can replace the real experience of travelling and exploring a new place, but if it’s about a visit to the Taj Mahal or the Pyramids of Egypt, 3D imaging can be very close to the real thing. A travel company like Expedia can use this technology to lure their customers.


  • Research: Research in complex domains such as neurology and molecular biology will get a great boost if customisable 3D models of real electron microscope images be made.

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There can be many more applications of this 3D magic which could take the world by surprise and create yet another technological revolution. Do tell us in your comments if you can think of other ways it can impact human kind.


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