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Sony’s New Me Too App – A New Competitor of Facebook and Pinterest


The power of social media has the ability to bring about revolutions, fan movements, bring governments to power and make or break corporate brands. The ice bucket challenge is an epitome of its power. Last year, the ALS association collected  less the $50k as donation but this year they have earned $15.6 million since July 29. This huge difference is created by the social media that made this challenge viral . Moreover, the celebrities like Mark Zukerburg, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates, and Christiano Ronaldo participated in the challenge and they posting their pictures on social networks. This was a significant factor in this huge collection.

One of the best reasons for social networking is that it is fun to connect with friends through this. People can and do spend hours a day on social networking sites interacting with their friends. Keeping this in mid, Sony is all set to enter into the field of social medial with a “Me-Too” application or SNS (social networking service). We recently have found a patent application filed by Sony depicting this concept.

Sony will be providing this new “Me-Too” application in most of its consumer electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart TV and the like. By using this app, you can invite your friends to join you on an event by sending a message containing event information and in a response they will Me Too you.

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What You Can Do with Sony’s Me-Too App

Like pin it of Pinterest and like button of FB, you are going to find a me-too button in this app. Sony has made it keeping in mind that in appliances like Smart TV and Smart watches, a traditional keyboard use to be missing.

Let’s find out how and where you can Me-Too

Suppose you are going for grocery shopping in next thirty minutes and want your friend to join you. Your smart watch has Me-Too app in it . You have sent an invitation to your friend and after some times you received a Me-Too response on your smart watch from your friend. This implies that he will be joining you and now both of you will be enjoying the shopping.


Imagine you are going to watch your favorite movie on your home theater with pop corns or may be the football match of your favorite team is going to telecast soon. You want to enjoy the match/movie with your friends. What you will do is – you will invite them by sending an invitation over Me-Too app from your Smart TV of Sony. They will receive the invitation and will respond with their “Me-Too” button, indicating a desire to join in.

Or maybe your girlfriend wishes to buy a new laptop someday in future from Amazon. She clicked on Me Too button present at Amazon’s webpage. The click on me too button represents her desire to buy that laptop. You checked her activity on webpage and came to know about her desire. You will select the Me Too button to create an event that’s indicating that you will be buying laptop for her. Beautiful, isn’t it? How simply it enhances social interaction and creates a semi-viral effect, becoming a powerful agent of sharing just like the like button on Facebook.

While it seems a bit tough to disrupt the social media industry especially when there are innovation champions like Facebook, Google and Twitter on the field, the Japanese have bounced up from nothingness to becoming world leaders in the past.

Sony’s Me Too app tells us that they are spreading innovation beyond production lines and electronics to cater to the demand of the modern day economy. Time will tell whether they’re able to turn the table and disrupt as they did decades ago or otherwise.

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