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Google – Advance Missed Call Alert App for Android


What is probably the greatest invention of the past decade? No need to look too far, it’s that small device right beside you. Yes, the smartphone – which is revolutionizing the way we interact with the world. It is a Laptop, camera, internet, alarm clock, news reader and much more, all rolled into one, with computing power much more than the PCs of yesteryear.

But what is the most basic function of a phone? It still is to make and receive calls and to communicate effectively whenever and wherever needed.

Ever missed an important client call just because you forgot to change your phone sound profile and the ring wasn’t loud enough when you were busy honking in traffic?

Or screwed up a very important presentation when your phone rang too loudly in the board room? Even the best of us have made that slip at-least once, especially when we’re stretched from all sides in this fast, fast world.

Well, not anymore. Google is soon coming with a new missed call app for your android smartphones. Google is trying to aggregate missed call data and the geographical location where a user happens to miss his phone calls most of the time.

Google will use this information to adjust the ringer settings of the smartphones automatically so that one should not miss any of his important calls. We got this information from one of their patent applications. You can check the patent application from here.

How New Missed Call Alert App of Google will Work ?

Google will generate a miss call map where a user has maximum historical missed calls. Whenever the smart phone of the user enters into the missed call region, it optimizes the settings of the smart phone and changes its ringer volume, ringer tone, vibration frequency or the like so that the user of smart phone should not miss any of his upcoming calls.

When Faraday showcased his invention (electricity) to the then British Prime Minister, he was asked – “But after all. What use is it?”  Therefore,you may also be feeling that how this app going to be useful for you. To make that a tad easier, here are 6 scenarios where this disclosed technology can come to your rescue:

  1. Movie buff: You had a terrible week slogging late hours at your desk just before a crucial deliverable and have booked a weekend show to a blockbuster release. Your colleague or worse your boss calls up to tell you that you’ve messed up everything and the client wants an immediate correction. And you get to know of this 26 missed calls and a couple of hours later once the movie ends! It’s time to switch (job? phone? Boss?)
  1. Sleepy head: You’ve been working late and your phone’s been switched off as you’ve been attending meetings all day. Your worried mom (or how about your wife) starts calling you and you check your phone only when you wake up after dozing off for the next one hour! No guesses about what becomes of you when you finally get home.
  1. Party Animal: Your best friend invited you over to a bachelor’s party just after a client meeting. You been busy all day. Phone on silent and you haven’t been answering any calls. Your girlfriend knows what time you leave office and calls you up around 20 times but yoohoo! You’re busy dancing!advance-missed-call-alert-app-for-Party-ANimals
  1. Sincere Student: Attending that OS class with that prof who’s scarier than a grizzly bear and your phone starts ringing so loudly that it knocks him out of his chair. Phew! Public execution would’ve been better!Missed-call-alert-app-google
  1. Caring nephew: Visiting that’s distant uncle of yours in the hospital. He’s been really unwell. Everyone’s talking in whispers and beep beep beep beep! All those formidable aunts turn towards you like hungry cheetahs and lions. Oh man!
  1. Ideal Candidate: Sitting in front of a dozen top execs for that crucial dream job interview. They ask you a question. Pin drop silence. And yes, you guessed it right. Your phone again!

I guess we won’t have to bear up with those dangerous clients, ferocious bosses and blood thirsty aunts for long with this new technology.

Apart from these , this missed call alert app by Google can even sense the intentional and unintentional missed calls and service dead spots and optimizes your smartphone accordingly. Just scroll down a bit to check out.

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The App can Infer the Intentional and Unintentional Missed Calls

It happens that sometimes we tend to ignore calls at some particular locations like in our workplace or church and sometimes they get missed because of ambient noise like when we use to be in traffic. Thus sometimes we miss calls intentionally like in workplace and sometimes they get missed unintentionally.

The app can differentiate between an intentional and unintentional missed call. For example, you were in meeting hall of your office and have noticed that you have a missed call but you choose not to call back. Thus you have missed the call intentionally and in future the app will not optimize your smart phone’s ringer settings whenever you will be in meeting room.

However, if you had missed an incoming call while in traffic and immediately returned that call, the app will consider that as unintentional missed call and in future it will optimize the ringer settings of your smart phone.

Moreover, we tend to send our smartphones into silent mode while attending a meeting in our office or while visiting calm places like church. The app saves the locations where you use to send your smart phone and in future, whenever you enter into such location it sends your smart phone into silent mode automatically.


The App Also Detects Dead Spots

Another interesting feature of the app is that it can also detect service dead spots where your phone uses to run out of signals. You are prone to miss important calls and emails in such areas. Hence, whenever you will be nearby to such a location the app will make you aware about it. It will provide you a notification on your smart phone screen or can provide you an audible alert so that you can make your important calls or can send important emails.

The app sounds fantastic to me and I expect it to be in next version of android or may be in Google Nexus. Okay, your turn: where else do you think this app can help? I’d love for you to chime in below in the comments.

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  2. That’s pretty interesting. Customization of the missed calls is a very innovative idea and is certainly going to make a lot of difference. I am really fascinated with the speed at which the guys from google move from one idea to another!!

    Very impressive 🙂


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