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Samsung: Using Augmented Reality to Provide Smart Classroom Environment

Samsung Providing Augmented Reality in Classroom

According to a report almost 88% of the age group of 16-24s own a Smartphone. They are utilizing their smartphone devices to access internet, playing games, listening to music and what not.

Moreover, this is the age group that uses to be found in colleges and universities.

When such a large percentage of users own a smartphones don’t you think that it would be awesome if teachers start using smartphones and tablets to engage with their students in classes?

Yes it would be cool. And after studying one of the recent patent applications filed by Korean tech giant Samsung, it seems to me that Samsung is all set to work along this direction.

The patent application hints that Samsung may be providing an Android AR app for a smart classroom environment. By using this AR app, a teacher can communicate with students through his smartphone or tablet and can improve the students’ experience.

A teacher can take attendance, can check records of a student, can send assignments directly on students’ smartphones by just simply dragging and dropping the files, can take learning curve to the next level and lot more.

So first, let’s understand how the AR Technique works and provides a smart classroom environment. Well I’ll go over the other applications of this app later in today’s post.

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This is How Samsung’s Augmented Reality App for Smart Classroom Environment Works

In order to take attendance and to interact with the students, teacher has to capture an image of the students. Moreover, he has to capture the image in such a way that face of each student is clearly visible in the image.

After that, the teacher will send this captured image to the school/college server database that stores profiles of students.

The college server will run a facial recognition algorithm to recognize faces of students in received image. Moreover, the server will also determine the location of each student i.e. who is sitting where.

After finishing the analysis, the server sends this information back to teacher’s smart phone or tablet.

Now teacher has information of who is present in class and where he or she is sitting. The teacher can interact with students in an easy fashion.

He can send text files, images and other study materials to a particular student as he knows the location of every student that is present in his classroom.

He just has to simply drag and drop those files according to the location information provided by the server. Apart from this, a teacher can access previous records of a particular student on his device.

Applications of Samsungs’ Augmented Reality App for Smart Classroom Environment

Taking Learning Curve to next level – We grasp a large amount of information when we actively get involved in the classroom. Teachers know that when they interact with students, the learning gets deepen.

Abstract concept and ideas those are difficult for a student to grasp and teacher to explain can now be explained in a better and creative way by involving the learners through this augmented reality classroom app.

Teacher student interaction can increase – You must have a shy friend who is intelligent and has lots of doubts. However, because of his shyness he never asks anything in front of the whole class.

This app is for such students where they can ask their doubts directly from teacher through this AR app and teacher can explain the concept to the whole class. A kind of win-win situation.

Performance Monitoring –  As a teacher can excess the previous records of a student through this AR app directly on his smart device. He will be having a better understanding of weak and strong areas of a student and he can help a student to overcome his weaknesses.

This is from my side. What do you think where else a teacher can utilize it to deepen the learning? Share your ideas with us in comment box. We might include your suggestions in our post. 😉

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