Sony: Super Resolution Digital Zoom for Smartphones’ Camera

Sony Super Resolution DIgital Zoom from Multiple Images

In our smartphones, we generally have a digital camera. You might have noticed that whenever you zoom using your smartphones camera, the image quality deteriorates.

The reason is that your smartphone does digital zooming and digital zooming reduces the image quality. Now you may be wondering why it is so?

Why digital zooming reduces image quality?

The quality reduces because the camera actually crops a portion of the image and then, it simply enlarges that cropped image to fill the screen.

Optical Zoom vs. Digital Zoom

You can find optical zooming in camcorders and DSLR like cameras. These cameras have lens that can move in and out while performing a zoom function. That’s why they retain the original image quality. On contrary, in a smart phone, lens can’t move in the same way as they do in cameras like DSLR and camcorders.

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Reduce Quality of Images after Zooming fromDigital Camera

Reduce Quality of Images after Zooming

 Now to solve this problem Sony may introduce super resolution digital zooming as a new feature in their upcoming smartphones’ cameras.

This feature will let you capture images with high resolution even after performing digital zooming.

Sony filed a patent application for this technology in 2013 and recently USPTO granted the patent to Sony. You can get an access to the patent from here.

Let’s have a look how Sony is performing super resolution digital zooming from multiple images.

How Sony’s Super Resolution Digital Zoom Function Works

The patent hints that Sony is using multiple images to perform the zooming function.

Whenever you will be using the zoom function while clicking a picture from the Sony’s Smartphone camera; the camera will be capturing multiple images.

In next step, these multiple images are overlapped on each other to produce a single image. The overlapping or superimposing of these images is done by a technique called super-resolution.

As a result, the image that you will get after using superimposing multiple images will be having a high-resolution in comparison to any of the images from which it is has been derived.

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6 thoughts on “Sony: Super Resolution Digital Zoom for Smartphones’ Camera

  1. Aaah, thats pretty interesting. I knew that the optical zoom was cos of the lenses moving, but the idea of super resolution is damn cool :). Hope they come with that soon. For now, I am still sticking to my Iphone 🙂


    • Nitin 'fLanker' Balodi says:

      Yes wait for them to implement it. The patent is granted and hence we think that soon they can provide this feature in their smart phones. It depends on the company only that whether they will or will not going to use these features. We are predicting only. However, me too looking for the same feature. 🙂 For the time being you can stick to your iPhone.


  2. Sampat Kumari says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I read your excellent articles on new products of big companies, it means you are promoting their products at no cost. As per my knowledge companies pay for such articles some thing between $25-00 to 250 per article.


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