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Whirlpool – Refrigerator Turbo Chilling Chamber for Lightning Fast Chilling

Turbo Chiilling Chamber

Whirlpool is coming up with a special Turbo Chilling Chamber in their refrigerators. This can chill beverages with faster speed without hampering the glass containers or without freezing the liquid into ice or solid form.

Whenever we want to chill our beverage quickly, we keep them inside the ice chamber. However, we all know that if we forget to remove the bottle from ice chamber in time, the glass bottle may break because of excessive chilling.

This new apparatus by Whirlpool will chill your beverages even faster than storing them inside the ice chamber and will avoid freezing of the foodstuff at the same time. You can chill the cold drinks and food stuff within few minutes.

The interesting thing is that the turbo-chilling chamber is optionally removable. You can store it outside the refrigerator when its functionality is not needed. Moreover, it can be spaced within the food section or in the ice chamber of the refrigerator as well.

How the Turbo Chilling Chamber of Whirlpool Works

The turbo chilling chamber has flexible inner and a rigid outer wall. The flexible inner can accommodate the beverages and foodstuff containers of various sizes. The coolant can be placed in the space between outer rigid and inner flexible wall.

Whirpool Turbo Chilling ChamberThe turbo chilling chamber is re-attachable and Whirlpool is using drip-proof quick connectors to connect turbo chilling chamber and refrigerator cooling system.

A motor is connected with the turbo chamber that will rotate the beverage and will prevent freezing of the foodstuff or liquid present inside the containers. The motor is going to rotate the chilling chamber slowly to maintain this effect. The motor can be used as shaker as well.

A touch screen panel is also provided where we can enter a temperature or a time period for cooling. Temperature sensors are present inside the turbo chilling chamber so that a notification can be made to the user once the beer is chilled.

While LG is working on connecting their refrigerators with smartphones; whirlpool in working on improving its core functionality.  Therefore, from smartphones now we are heading toward smart refrigerators. We all have a fascinating future ahead of us. Its great to know about all these things before the products are launched in the market.

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