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Samsung – Use Your Smart Phone without Battery


The battery of our smartphone dies too fast and that causes problem for us. Moreover, the problem becomes worse if you are traveling and an easy way to recharge your battery is not available.

As a solution, most of us carry a backup battery. Some of us prefer a portable charger otherwise.

If you carry a backup battery then you have to switch off your Smartphone to replace the discharge battery.

And you know the uneasiness that you face while doing this. If you are playing a game or drafting an email then all of the progress will be lost.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your battery of your Smartphone could be replaced without switching it off?

A recent patent application filed by Samsung indicates that Samsung is coming up with a smart phone that doesn’t get shut down when its battery is removed. Thus you can use your smart phone without battery.

Earlier we have pointed out that how Samsung is changing their phonebook into smarter phonebooks by making their phonebook’s emotionally intelligent and introducing amazing features like auto updating.

This feature can be another add on that will convert a smart phone of Samsung into smarter phone.

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Lets find out how Samsung is doing this

According to the patent application, the smart phone will consist of two batteries; the main battery and the supplementary battery.

It’s the main battery that recharges the supplementary battery and you don’t have to recharge it separately. The supplementary battery will be present inside the smart phone itself and you won’t be able to remove it.

There will be a sensor attached to the battery cover. Whenever you will remove the battery cover, the cover sensors will sense it and will send the information to the smartphone processor.

As a result, the processor of your smart phone will switch the power supply of your smart phone from main battery to the supplementary battery.

In this way your smart phone will keep on working even after removing its battery. So the progresses made by you while drafting an email or playing a game won’t be lost.

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The objective of supplementary battery is not to run the phone as the main battery does. However, it is supposed to only act as a backup and supply power to only selected parts of the smart phone.

After switching the power supply to supplementary battery, the CPU sends phone to sleep mode so that it can retain it state rather than losing all the data due to abrupt shutdown.

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