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Google – Battery Saving Android App that Never Let Your Phone Die


Your smartphones is a minor miracle; a pocket sized computer loaded with high-speed processors and HD displays. You click pic, play candy crush, surf internet and do document editing. As being said that everything in our life comes with a price and hence, here also you perform all of these tasks at a price of your smartphones battery.

The high speed processors have enhanced user experience nevertheless they have added extra strain on the average smart phone battery and nowadays the battery life of our smartphones never seems to live up to our hopes or expectations.

You never care about your batteries – until they’ve run out of juice. And when this happens you ask queries like how to save smart phone battery or how to increase/extend smart phone battery life? Isn’t it?

Google is addressing these queries of smartphones users and coming with a new battery saving android app for smart phones. They have filed a patent application in USPTO that is delineating this new innovation.

What this App Does?

The application analyzes how you routinely use your smart phone. Based on this analysis it predicts the remaining use time of your smart phone battery and provides you notifications on your smart phone screen about the battery discharge time and reminds you to recharge your smart phone battery on time.

The App Stands Out From The Crowd.

Other apps also display the remaining use time of your smart phone battery. However, these apps don’t include your daily routine while estimating the remaining battery usage time. But Google’s new app will do this and will alert you about the battery discharge time in advance. In short, we can say that the phone battery will never run out of juice.

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The Scenarios Where the App will Rescue Your Smartphones Battery

Based on your routine pattern – Let suppose you listen to music every night between 5 to 7 pm. Its 3pm of the evening and you are left with 52% battery. The app has performed its analysis and found that your battery will discharge at 6pm. It will convey this information of your Smartphone screen so that you can avert the discharge and can listen to music without any interruption.

battery-saving-android-app-of-googleKeeps a check on your Schedules It also keeps a check on your calendar events and notifies you to recharge your battery accordingly. For example, you have scheduled a journey by flight that will commence at 8pm. The duration of flight is 10 hours. It is 4.30 PM and your battery is 56% charged. As you cannot recharge your battery during flight hence, the app will recommend you to recharge your battery well before time so that you can reply to all of your important emails after your flight will land.

Terminates Unused Apps The application is loaded with other interesting features to enhance battery life. It automatically terminates the apps that are not being used and are running in the background. It also saves battery by making other changes such as by adjusting the screen brightness.

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Happy thinking. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Google – Battery Saving Android App that Never Let Your Phone Die

  1. That’s pretty impressive an auto adjustment on the power reception which calculates effectively thus adding more choice to the smart phones.. This is really cool 🙂


    • Yes it is. 🙂 It happens when we forget to recharge our smartphone batteries before leaving for the college and then throughout the day,we feel bad about it. This app is solution for these kind of instances.


    • The app will analyze how you use your smartphone and will make a historical pattern in which you use to use your smartphone everyday. And based on that the app will make you aware about battery drainage.

      Google will not save this data in its server. This data will be saved in your smartphone and will be saved by the installed app.


    • Glad Amit that you like it. Yeah this will surely help you and soon you are going to travel even more. You are almost embarking on to new adventure 🙂

      have a great day


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