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Mitsubishi – Building Automation System for Better Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi AC

Mitsubishi is developing a new AC control device that will help to maintain cooling in premises where multiple ACs are installed. This AC control device is a new product of Mitsubishi’s building automation system (BAS). Apart from AC this device can control multiple refrigerators and helps in providing maximum refrigeration in minimum power consumption.

One of the major goals of building automation system is to maintain humidity and ventilation in a building. Generally multiple ACs are installed to provide conditioned air in premises like auditoriums, movie theaters and office floors. Sometimes it happens that some among them perform good air conditioning while some of them don’t. The low performers consume extra energy and increase the power consumption of the entire system.

Building automation works towards maximizing power efficiency and reducing energy cost. Mitsubishi got a patent granted by USPTO for this device and the title of the patent is Air-conditioning apparatus control device and refrigerating apparatus control device. This system devised by them can work for AC as well as refrigerators.

This BAS device of Mitsubishi controls multiple ACs apparatuses installed in a common place based on their performance. It makes a combination of ACs according to their performance to reduce power consumption while maintaining the overall air conditioning in the premises.

Different Units of AC Control Device of Mitsubishi

The device consists of memory unit that stores the performance data of each AC that is installed in the premises. The data stored by this unit represents a relationship between capability of an AC and its power consumption load.

A load calculator calculates overall air conditioning load of installed ACs.

The air conditioning capability allocator unit determines the air conditioning capability of each AC based on its performance data that is stored in memory unit. It also makes sure that the overall conditioning capability of all ACs remains equal to overall air conditioning requirement of the premises. It ranks AC according to their performances.

The air conditioner selector unit makes different combinations of installed ACs. It makes combination pattern in a manner such that the total air conditioning will be maintained at minimum power consumption.

The controller unit control installed ACs according to their performances.


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Working of the AC control Device

The AC control device determines the load from load calculator and saves that data in memory unit. The capability allocator unit determines individual capability of each installed AC. Whenever anomalies in performances of AC devices occurs; then, the AC selector makes multiple combinations of ACs depending upon their performances.  The capability allocator unit analyzes all the combinations made by the selector unit and ranks them.

Based on the ranking given by capability allocator unit; the controller unit selects high ranked combination by shutting down the low performer and will make the high performers to work. The combinations of ACs are made in such a manner that it provides higher energy efficiency.

The same device is useful in cold stores and in the kitchens of a hotel also where multiple refrigerators are installed. The device will control the multiple refrigerators in the same fashion it use to control the AC devices.  Mitsubishi is also working on AC that  use face recognition technique to recognize a user and then provides him cooling according to his requirements.

I think we are going towards an age where everything in our house will be intelligent.

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