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LG’s New Android App is Using Images to do Group Calls

Image courtesy- wiki how

Image courtesy- wiki how

LG is coming with lots of new android apps in 2014 for their smartphones. They are coming with android alarm clock app that connects any other installed apps of your smart phone with alarm. They are also coming with a home automation android app that connects your refrigerator with your smart phone. LG is working on another new android app for their smartphones. This new application performs group calls by recognizing faces of people from an image.  You can contact your friends by just clicking at their images by using this app.

Whenever we see our group pictures with our old friends, these images use to bring our good old memories. These memories trigger us to contact them. In such scenarios what we generally follow this sequence –  minimize the pic –  browse your phone book – search the contact – connect with them by calling them or by sending them text .

Now this new app of LG will help us in such scenarios. You have seen a picture of yours with your old college friends and you want to contact them. Now you won’t be searching their contact numbers in your phoneboook because you can connect with them by using the same group picture.

You can perform a group call or even a group chat by using that group image.

Apart from this, this new app of LG is going to create a buzz in corporate world also. Businesses will be using this app to connect with their clients by just using their images.  To make a conference call is going to be very easy also.

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Working of New Android Group Call App of LG

To run this app efficiently, you have to save your contacts with a contact image in your phonebook. This application works on face recognition techniques hence having a profile image for every contact is must.

While browsing images or when you will select an image for group chat, the application will recognize the faces that are present in the image and will search your phonebook to retrieve their contact information and will perform a group call or group chat.

While performing group call the images of the contacts will be displayed in background. The app also indicates visually that who is currently speaking during a group call. It highlights the face of the current speaker. This is great feature of the app that will avoid confusion about who is currently speaking. Especially in corporate client calls where you don’t recognize the voices of speakers.

Other Features of Android Group Call App of LG

You can even start a separate text chat with a particular person. An icon will be displayed near every face in image and you can click on that to start a separate text chat.

You can even use this app of LG to get contact information of your friends. It can happen that a friend of yours is present in an image; however, you don’t have his contact number saved in your phone book. This app will get his contact information from your other friends who are present in that image.  It will send an email or will drop a message on Facebook or WhatsApp account of other friends  to get the contact information.

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