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Augmented Reality in Samsung – Just Capture An Image to Reach Anywhere


Samsung is combining Augmented Reality (AR) to provide a unique feature in their upcoming smart phone. A user can get information regarding his location just by capturing an image from his camera. For this new AR enabled smartphone app, Samsung is combining Augmented (AR) Reality with location-based services .

You may have heard this term very first time and may be wondering that what augmented reality is. Let us tell you what it is.

Augmented reality is cutting-edge technology combines real world data and computer-generated data to create a user environment. It is next level of virtual reality. Augmented reality adds graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and smell to the natural world as it exists

The real world data is collected using any mobile phone, smart phone, camera, wireless electronic device etc. The augmented reality can be used in video games, Industrial designs, mapping, navigation, advertising, medical, visualization, military, emergency services, or in any other application.

It might have happened when you got lost and even your GPS was not helping you? You used Google maps and the directions given by Google map were not familiar to what was there in your surroundings. This new augmented reality app for android smartphone will be alleviating such instances. Let’s find out how.

How Augmented Reality App of Samsung will Work:

Here are the few example of augmented reality app of Samsung smartphone and how it will be helping you in above mentioned situations .

  1. Suppose you want to visit a shopping mall in your city and you do not know how to reach there. Currently you are standing outside your house. You will set your destination, will capture an image where you are currently standing, and will process that image. The controller will detect your location and a 3D view of your surrounding will superimposed on your device screen. The heading of my camera will be identified also and according to your destination, an arrow will appear on the device screen.
  2. Now you are inside shopping mall and you are feeling hungry and want to eat pizza. Again, the same problem is here, you do not know where the pizza outlet is located inside the mall. You will again capture an image wherever you are standing and will process that image. The 3D view will be generated with arrow headings that will be giving you direction to reach to the pizza outlet.

How Augmented Reality Works with Location Based Services?

A user will capture image of his current position and the controller of the smartphone device will send that image using transceiver to base stations and will receive information regarding location of the device. It will also detect the direction heading of camera. The processor of the device will combine the image and location information with augmented reality and will superimpose the 3D view of the location with the direction headings toward the destination.

We can call this as a real-time version of Google Street View. Its like someone is guiding you in real-time based on where you are looking at the moment.


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