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Samsung: Camera with Illumination Sensor That Never Misses Any Shot

Luminance Sensors

Has this ever happened with you that you saw a beautiful scene or something you wanted to capture, but you missed the opportunity as your smartphones camera was very slow to operate and had taken little bit more time and the opportunity slipped from your palms.

A mobile device requires considerable time from the activation of a camera module to  enter into a camera-ready state that is capable of shooting. This causes inconvenience to a user when a user desires to obtain an image of  a particular instant.

Samsung is coming up with a solution for it. The future of technology of Samsung’s smartphone is very intriguing. They are incorporating a feature in their phones that will make their smart phones faster to enter  into a camera ready state.They are introducing automatic brightness control in cameras of their upcoming smart phones by using illumination sensor.This will enable you to capture images with optimized brightness at any specific instant.

So its like See and Click!!.
Instant Click and Never miss a moment.

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How illumination sensor works to make a faster entry into a camera-ready state

The illumination sensor collects the brightness values of the subject and its surroundings. Apart from this it will measure external brightness of the camera also.

By calculating the brightness values of subject and its surroundings, the mobile can perform much faster activation of camera functions. The controller of the smart phone will compare the collected brightness values with predefined brightness values and based on this information it will adjust the camera settings. This will make a faster entry into a camera-ready state and that will help a user to rapidly obtain a desired image with optimized brightness at a specific instant.

This will completely eliminate the instances when an amazing photographic moment presents itself, but our slow cameras stopped us from getting the shot.

Samsung is not only bringing brightness correction function in their smart phone camera. They are introducing other intriguing features also. Their camera will include a black level compensation unit. This will correct a black level of a captured image. A lens shading correction unit that will correct distortion caused by a lens. Samsung will be using color correcting function for correcting a color. A white balance unit will perform white balancing. Gamma control unit and a hue/saturation static unit will be used along with other units.

Looks like Samsung is coming up with a lot of new cool features in their phone.By incorporating above mentioned features, we can anticipate that they are trying to bring a revolution in smart phone cameras.

They are making their phones easy to use. What do you feel? Spill the beans and share your views with us by leaving a comment.

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