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LG: The Multifunctional Android Alarm Clock App


The Wikipedia says that alarm clock (or sometimes just alarm) is a clock that is designed to wake a person at a specific time.

I have a question– why you use your alarm clock? Do you use it to just wake up on time?

Did you say yes? Fine!! However, I am telling you that this trend will be changed soon.

In general, the alarm clock that your smart phone has is a tool that helps you to wake up on time. What do we do after stopping the alarm ring?

Here is a general trend. We leave our bed, throw the blanket aside and switch off the running AC or heater.

After that some of us prefer a morning exercise. Some workaholics check their important emails. Some of us play devotional songs to start our day with positive energy.

Most of us want to know about the latest happenings of the world around us and for that either we rush to grab the newspaper or we use to launch the news app installed in our smartphones. The problem is that you have to launch these applications manually.

Yeah I forgot to mention that you have to switch off your AC also. I bet most of the time you leave your AC running. Even your room lights sometimes. Thanks for your valuable contributing in upcoming electricity crisis.

Now what if I tell you that you alarm clock is going to help you in all of the above mentioned scenarios?

Think of an android alarm clock that can send you’re running AC to power off state; an android alarm that plays music player or can launch a news app or email app as soon as you stop your alarm ring.

Yes LG is bringing these innovative features in the alarm clock of their Android smartphones. We got this information from one of their patents. You can check the patent filing from here.

Connect Your Smartphone Apps with Your Alarm Clock

According to the patent LG is augmenting the functionality of an alarm. You can link an application with it and as soon as you will stop the alarm ring, the linked application will be launched. Thus, a LG user may be using a multifunctional alarm clock app.

How the App will be working

According to the patent, in this new alarm app, after setting the alarm time you will find an option to link applications. You can link any installed app with you alarm clock and these linked application will be launched automatically when you will stop the ringing alarm.

Moreover, the patent is saying that multiple applications can also be linked. For example, you can link weather application and calendar simultaneously with your alarm clock.

For a way of example, let suppose you have linked the weather app and calendar after setting an alarm for next morning. Now in morning, when you alarm will ring you are going to find a kind of screen that is shown in the image.


The two linked application are going to appear on your device screen. Weather is appearing at top left and calendar at middle right side of the screen.

Now if you will swipe to the right, the weather application will be launched and swiping to the left will open your smartphone calender .

Moreover, for those who use to be in state of trance after waking up in the morning, and usually find difficulties in providing touch input, can shake their smartphones. Shake it to right or left and the connected app will be launched.

Coool isn’t it?

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The Multifunctional Alarm Clock is Creating Internet of Things

The Internet of things is next big thing of future. The venture capitalists are pumping huge amounts in it and LG is also ready to grab the market share. This app is also creating internet of things and connecting appliances present in your home with your LG smartphones.

You can also link AC, TV and refrigerator with your alarm clock or with your Smartphone in general. However, installation of home automation software is must for this feature. Earlier in the article we mentioned that you can turn off your running AC through this alarm clock. You can do it as it’s going to be very easy.

You will connect your smartphone with your AC and will link it with the alarm clock of smart phone. And whenever you will stop the alarm ring, the AC will be turned off.

You can even set an alarm for your television. For example, your favorite football match is going to telecast at 11pm tonight and you have no intentions to miss it. Hence, you will set an alarm of 11pm and will link your TV.

And your TV will get switched on at 11pm automatically. Grab some popcorns!!!

So here is enough from my side. Now it’s over to you – which app you will be linking? I would like you to chime in below in the comments.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Good morning, i really enjoyed your articles. It’s amazing how life is going to be in the near future. I wish I could be around in 100 years from now. I would love to see what the future holds in store. Thank you for your insight and your time, have a great day.


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