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Google: Automated Answers for Online Forum Queries


Google is coming up with a new feature for online internet forums. In this new feature automatic answers will be provided instantly for every query. Google has filed a patent applicationAutomated Answers to Online Questions for this new feature.

Creating a successful forum is not an easy task. An internet forum moderator knows it very well. Moreover, the importance of a forum is very well known to a webmaster.

Advantages of an Online Forum
A forum increases traffic through repeated visitors, helps the website to gain more creditability, provides information to the visitors and helps the administrator of the website to build a relationship with visitors. Tremendous amount of work by a forum moderator is required to maintain a forum.

Importance of Providing Swift Replies to the Forum Queries

It generally happens that a visitor posts his query on a forum and then waits for someone to resolve it. If a forum moderator or a forum member who can resolve the posted query is not present, then the poster has to wait. This waiting creates a bad impression. It can happen that such visitors may never return to the website again. Therefore, providing swift replies to every query is an important task for a forum moderator.

Working of Google’s Automated Answer for Forum Queries

There will be two databases. The first database contains question-answer pairs based on the old queries posted on the same forum. Thus the first database will be of the website itself. The second database will be Google’s search engine database. If Google doesn’t find answer in the first database of website, it will use its search engine database and will find answer for the posted query.

Most of the times the questions that we ask, have already been asked by someone else and have also been answered by someone else in past.

For example, if you want to ask ‘How to teach subtraction to my kid?’ OR ‘Best places to go in San Francisco? We are sure that you are not the first one to ask this question.

Thus the above method will give you an instant answer whenever you will post your queries on an online forum powered by Google. You will not be waiting for others to answer your question. This will help forum moderators and will enhance experience of forum users.

This will give an amazing power to Google. This new forum feature of Google will give it an edge over websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers.



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