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LG – New Food Management App That Averts Wastage of Food in Your Refrigerator

Coming back to home after office and you find there is no Bread!!  Shit!! It just got skipped from mind  to purchase bread for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Waking up on Sunday morning and finding that  no milk has left inside the Refrigerator. Cursing your memory again that how come you forgot to purchase milk last night?

Opening the refrigerator multiple times to check that whether the ice cream that was placed inside ice chamber 30 min back  is ready to eat?

We often find ourselves in such situations where we can’t wait and check things again and again. Sometimes you  forget to purchase necessary food items those are already finished . And sometimes you don’t eat stored food and it get expired. Result : wastage of food that implies wastage of money.

The  Food Management app of LG will connect the refrigerators with LG’s Smartphone and will be notifying users about the status of the food stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, now when you go shopping for vegetables you will have a perfect information about the items those are about to get over.

  • 20% milk remaining in the bottle
  • Butter about to finish
  • Fish will expire tomorrow


Isn’t it cool. It will save time as well as money. Yes it saves you from frustrating over yourself also.

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Functioning of LG’s Food Management App

The Food manager will consist of four menus viz. food management, Monitoring, software upgrade and remote control.

The food management displays the food stored inside the refrigerator in an order of their expiration date. The food items those are going to expire are displayed first so that those can be consumed and the food wastage can be averted.

Cameras are used inside refrigerator and they send images to Smartphone to provide info regarding the food stored inside it. Food manager displays the food image, its name, current date, storage date, elapsed period, expiration date and barcode information of the selected food in a manner shown in image .

Food Manger LG

Moreover, you can even check which food items you have stored on which particular day or between those days. For example, you can select Monday and Wednesday and the food items those were stored between Monday and Wednesday will be displayed on screen.

Selecting monitoring menu provides temperature information of outdoor air, refrigerating chamber and freezing chamber. It will also display door opening/closing information.  Service call option is provided to inform LG’s service center for diagnosis when any problem will occur in refrigerator

The Remote control menu is use to control the refrigerator by using Smartphone. One can change temperature of various chamber, can switch it off/on. The software upgrade option will inform user about any new update available for the food manager and an option to update it.


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