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Google: Revolutionizing Google Maps with Traffic Information

Traffic free Routes

Traffic congestion is one of the major problem that we all face in our day-to-day life. We leave early for office/college to reach on time and some people leave late from office to circumvent the consequences of traffic.

Traffic congestion can have a big impact on not just our life but also career when we spend more than 10% of our day in travel. It produces frustration and stress that can lead to road mishap. The stopping and starting in traffic jams increases fuel consumption that has a direct effect on daily expenses and on environment also.

Google has filed a patent regarding a new way of Transportation Routing. The invention is talking about a new feature for Google Maps, which will be providing personalized route guide information to a user based on the real-time traffic data on his smart phone device. A person can use this information to reach his destination on time by following an alternate route where there will be less traffic.

Lets have a look on how the Route Guide Application will work

In first step user of this route guide application has to put his smart phone on learning mode. The minimum period of learning mode is one week. During learning mode, the application gathers information regarding various routes to a particular destination. The routes can be paths a commuter uses to follow regularly while travelling from his office to home or the like. After gathering travel routes over a particular period, travel routes for the future can be generated.

The application also obtains data about real-time traffic conditions. This data is used to generate the less crowded path on the map for the application user. The application receives this data from traffic service public agencies, roadway monitors, traffic cameras etc.

Once the user enters his destination point’s application generates a path showing one or more optimized route according to the traffic flow. For example, a user visits church every Saturday, and on one Saturday there is some construction going on in a particular route, map will highlight the normal route as a prohibited route and suggest an alternate source to the user.

The route guide application of Google is going to be a boon for commuters who daily face traffic problems. This application will save people from the frustration, fuel burn and will help them to reach at the destination on time.


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