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Control The Keyboard Backlights With Your Eyeballs


You can use your laptop keyboard even in nights because your laptop has a illuminated keyboard. Light sources like LED bulbs are present at sides or behind the keys of the keyboard so that you can use it even in poor light conditions.

Now if we look we can see that almost every accessory is becoming smart.We are using Smartphone , Samsung is making  smart phonebook. Microsoft is augmenting mouse functionality and improving it. However,  If we look back in history everything has evolved but keyboard is still the same.

We are using the same keyboards that we used 15 years back. Yeah some changes in the size of keyboard were there but we can’t consider that as a major improvement. What we consider as an improvement  is the way Google is  improving  a contact lens .

Today, every  major company is delving to make its electronic device  energy efficient by implementing ingenious techniques. They are overhauling every small component of their devices. If we observe, while we are watching movies on our laptop or reading a text document we generally do not use our keyboard. The LED back-lights of the keyboard gleams continuously. This  consumes power and eventually leads to significant battery drainage . And in order to make a laptop energy efficient even these sort of small improvements have to be made.

So the concern is when we will be using a smart and energy efficient keyboard? The answer is – very soon because Google is doing some work here and trying to make our keyboards more intelligent and soon you soon will be working on a smart, intelligent and energy efficient keyboard by Google .

How Google is Making A Keyboard Smart and Power Saving

Google is coming up with a technique that controls the back-lighting of the keyboard by observing the eye movement of a user. Google has recently filed a patent application having a title Adaptive Keyboard Lighting in the USPTO that is delineating this concept.

Google discloses in the patent that the keyboard will work in close coordination with the camera of your laptop or computer.  The webcam will be responsible to track the eye movement of a user. Based on the eye movement information provided by the camera, the micro controller will control the LED backlights of its keyboard. Thus technically you can control the back light of a keyboard by your eye movements.

So if you are not looking towards your keyboard, the LED backlights will be switched off. Similarly, if you are watching TV while working on your laptop OR you are busy in a discussion and not looking toward your laptop, the camera will analyze  it and will send signals to the microprocessor save power by turning the LED back-lights off.

The patent also suggests to keep the arrow keys of the keyboard always gleaming so as to allow the user to easily track his keyboard in dark .

Google is also working towards making the keyboard more intelligent by determining the type of program the user is using at the moment. For example, we hardly use keyboard while reading a PDF document and rather use mouse. In these sort of situations the microprocessor will turn the LED panel off. However, it will send the LED panel to an ON state automatically whenever it will determine something on the screen where the keyboard input is required.

This is only one improvement. We here in GreyB believe that Google will introduce other features in its new keyboard.   Stay tuned  we will be bringing them for you soon.

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