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LG: Refrigerator That Can Sense

Fresh Fruit

Some companies of the world are constantly incorporating new features in their products and LG Electronics is one among them. There is no doubt in quoting that their new fridges are going to be smart fridges. In their new refrigerators, they are going to provide features like variable pressure in vegetable baskets and ice detection sensors.

Ice Detection Sensors:

In conventional refrigerator, a mechanical operated ice detector is used which determines ice level. Problem with these are that these ice detectors tend to fail when ice freezes around them. LG is planning to use ice detection sensor in their new refrigerators that will be capable of operating in any conditions.

Vegetable Container with Variable Pressure:

Another enhancement that LG is making is in the way we store our vegetables. We store different kinds of vegetables in the vegetable basket of our refrigerator. Vegetables and fruits require adequate temperature, pressure, moisture and air to keep them fresh. Hence, these parameters should ideally vary based on vegetables having large leaves, small leaves, and no leaves.

The conventional refrigerators have a vacuum pump that maintains a predetermined value of pressure. This constant pressure makes it difficult to keep fruits and vegetables fresh when they are simultaneously stored in same basket.

In new refrigerators of LG, the different parameters in the vegetable section will be maintained according to the type of food items present there. According to the type of vegetable, refrigerator will vary the parameters and keep the vegetables and fruits fresh.

References: US8635877, US20140028166


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