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Apple: Sports Friendly Earphones with Activity Monitoring

Apple Earphones

We all are health conscious now. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. Some of us want to lose weight, some want to increase stamina and some wants to increase their physical activities and overall health. Using wearable activity monitors like pedometers can help us to monitor our own activities to reach our goals. We can see our daily progress that bolsters our will to run an extra lap and to walk an extra mile. Different kinds of activity monitors are prevalent in market. A person can choose a wearable wristband monitor or a shoe with sensor mounted therein. They inform the wearer about the distance he traveled and the speed with which he is moving.

Most of us use to listen to music while running/walking. Therefore, Apple is coming up with earphones with activity sensors installed in them. The new earphones of Apple can monitor user’s activity during exercise and sport activities. The earphone can also sense characteristics such as temperature, perspiration and heart rate. The person gains monitoring capabilities without requiring to wear or carry an additional article.

The monitoring system is detachable and a person can detach them when not required. The earphones/headphones consist of activity  sensors to monitor user’s activity, biometric sensor to check heartbeat and perspiration. Apart from that there is one more interesting feature of these earphones. They will consist of accelerometer sensor. This allows the wearer to control his device by using head gestures during exercise.

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A user can control his smart phone or iPod during exercise. A user can accept or reject a phone call. He can change a song during exercise and even can forward or reverse them by movement of his head.  For example tilting head to left can cause the next song in the list to play and right can cause the previous song to play. Similarly, when a call comes in, back and forth horizontal head movement will drop the call and back and forth vertical head movement will pick the call.

So now we can foresee Apple also going towards gesture mode. If we combine this with their acquisition of Beats, we believe this all will be more amazing for the Apple users.


3 thoughts on “Apple: Sports Friendly Earphones with Activity Monitoring

  1. sagar sharma says:

    Wont it recognize gestures when while exercising we will move our head like for ab crunches. Then it will be a problem


    • Again an interesting query mate.
      Actually the monitoring system is detachable and when you will be doing such an exercise, you can remove that. 🙂

      Feel free to shoot any other query.


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