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This New Feature of Gmail will let you Share Attachments of an Email to Social Networking Accounts

Gmail New Feature

Meet John, a college student who received an email from one of his friends, loaded with images in attachment that they captured during their recent trekking trip.

After receiving the entire collection, John is excited to share some of these photographs on his social networking account.

What he will do – he will be downloading the photographs, logging in to his social network, and then uploading them one by one.

During the whole process, he will thinking that it could be awesome if there would be something which could have helped him to bypass some of the steps like downloading the images from the attachment and then uploading them on his social media account.

But…. John is helpless, he can’t do anything.

Meet Mr. Snitch, reading one of the emails from the weekly newsletter that has been sent by one of his favorite blogs. He usually shares interesting articles on his social network. Today he received an interesting article and wants to share it on his social network.

Here again Mr. Snitch followed what was followed by John. That is– signing in to social network and then sharing the article with his friends.

Ok now guess what was running in Mr. Snitch’s mind while sharing the article from his email account to social networking account?

Great!! You are pretty smart. You have guessed it right. He might be thinking and feeling same as John – thinking about some methods to share those articles directly from his email account to his social network.

So I can say that there should be a feature that can make it possible to share email content directly into our social networks. And that’s what new feature in Gmail will be doing soon.

We recently came across a patent application filed by Google that claims that Google is going to provide an option in Gmail that will allow you to share the content of the emails on social networking sites directly.

Yes – Direct from your inbox and that too without any downloading.

According to the patent application, there are going to be share buttons for the links and pictures. By clicking on share button you can share the content of an email directly on your social network.

However, before sharing contents directly to your social networking account you have to link your email account with your social networking account. And only after that the social networking account will allow you to share the content from your email account.

Moreover, you can link multiple accounts with your email. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Slideshare all.

You will be able to share attachments containing pictures, link to a news story on a website, files such as audio and video files and the like. This new feature will copy and paste the content of a text file or a link into the news-feed of your social networking account.

Apart from that, before sharing the content, you can edit or transform it or the content sharing feature of Gmail can do it automatically for you.

For example, in case you have received multiple images you can transform them into a slideshow. You can resize, rotate or can group the images and write captions for them.

This implies that if you have received multiple images you can transform it into a slideshow and can upload it directly to Slideshare or by resizing them you can post them into your Google Plus or Facebook account.

Isn’t it awesome? What do you think about this new feature of Gmail? I would like to hear from you.

The comment box is waiting for your wonderful comments.

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3 thoughts on “This New Feature of Gmail will let you Share Attachments of an Email to Social Networking Accounts

    • This feature is something different. For example, I have received some images those are of my recent trip with my friends. I received those images in an email attachment and now If I want to upload them on FB, I have to save those images on my computer and after that I can upload them on FB account.

      GMail is solving this . There will be a button like of FB, or of G+, Twitter and by clicking on it our images will get shared on respective social network. Without any extra effort. This is like click and share.

      Hope you have understood .You can shoot your queries and doubts if you have any . 🙂


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