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LG: Your Smartphone Knows When to Enter into Screen Lock Mode


The screen lock in our smartphone provides us lot of convenience viz. it avoids unnecessary inputs and at the same time it saves power consumption and increases battery performance which is very important. Generally when we do not use our screen for a predetermined time interval, then our screen will be locked and smartphone enters into a screen lock mode.

Sometimes while writing down important points on our notebook from informative sites like Wikipedia we don’t use to touch the screen of our smartphone device and it enters into screen lock mode. There is numerous similar kinds of situations, such as reading, when we are using our smartphone without any physical interaction with it. This is annoying as we have to unlock it number of times while carrying out a particular task.

USPTO has granted a patent to LG that is solving this inconvenience of user. LG is going to incorporate a new feature in their smartphones that will be executing screen lock after getting inputs from various sensors present in it.

The sensors of the smartphone will be increasing or delaying the screen lock time based on the various sensing data. They will be distinguishing that whether a user is merely holding a device or gazing on the screen. When a user is merely holding a device the screen lock will be executed earlier then the predetermined time. Similarly, when the sensors will configure that a user is gazing on screen while he is not providing any input to the screen the screen lock time will be delayed.

The time of screen lock will also be determined based on the application a user will be using like while reading a PDF document the screen lock time will get delayed as a user may be reading a text document. This is averting inconvenience of a user and saving him from annoyance of unlocking his screen.

LG is also coming up with a new feature in which a user can use his smartphone in screen lock mode. They are working on delaying screen lock timing also. We can see that they are going to combine all  these security features soon for their consumers.


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