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Apple – Dynamic Character Key of Keyboard


With the advent of Smartphone, we are now having smart keyboards for typing purposes also. Now days we can find keyboard in our Smartphone device that can predict text, can do auto correct, can use keyboard shortcuts and the like. Hence helps and assists us while typing.

Typing in the new keyboard, now available in smart phones and tablets, is much convenient than how it was earlier. However, if we have to type punctuation marks or some diacritical letter, we have to shift from a normal mode to a different software keyboard layout comprising a set of non-alphanumeric keys. This however is not very convenient and significantly slow down the typing speed and causes inconvenience.

Apple is working on a new kind of keyboard that will comprise of dynamic dedicated key in keyboard. The character associated with the dedicated key is determined based upon what a user is typing and will keep on changing according to the content a user is typing.

The dedicated key will make typing fast and convenient. Similar to how text is predicted based on what we are typing, special characters, symbols and punctuation marks will appear on the dedicated key of keyboard based on what we are typing. This key will be a boon for typist of languages like French and Turkish where a diacritical letter can change the accent of the word.

Example: While writing CDROM, after writing CD the dedicated key will be showing hyphen () to input so that he can type it as CD-ROM. Similarly while typing in French after writing ‘ e ’ the dedicated key will be displaying ^ so that one can change it into ê .


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