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Hang Your iPhone Anywhere by Using Magnetic Attachment Unit of Apple

Does it happen to you that while drafting an email on your smart phone or tablet, you felt the need of a keyboard? This was one scenario that is very common to all of us. Now think of another one in which you and your friends were watching a movie on your smart phone and you felt that it would be great if you could have a stand on which you can place your smart phone. Sometimes you want to hang your tablet on the wall or want to attach joysticks with it while playing a game.

Apple works seamlessly to enhance their users’ experience and they develop products those use to stand out from the crowd. Following this trend, now they will be bringing magnetic attachment unit for their smartphones and tablets. This magnetic attachment unit will let you attach peripheral devices like keyboard, mouse with your iPhone and will serve as a stand for your smartphones and tablets as well.

The magnetic attachment unit will augment the functionalities of iPhones and iPads. Apple has made it multipurpose and you can do a lot of things with it. Here is a list of things where you can utilize this product by Apple.

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What You Can Do With the Magnetic Attachment Unit

Attach other electronic devices – You can attach together at least two suitably devices. For example, you can attach a keyboard to draft emails and to edit documents and joystick to play games. You just have to bring them closer to each other and they will get attached magnetically.

The best thing is that you can even attach two tablets or two smartphones with each other. When magnetically attached to each other, they can communicate and interact with each other to form a cooperating system. This cooperative system will provide extra functions that cannot be provided by the separate objects individually.

For example, you can transfer files from one device to another device at faster rates. If you have attached two iPhones, then you can use camera of one that has better resolution and even use software that works in one of the devices but not in another. Isn’t it fantastic?


Hang Your iPhone Anywhere – Various hanging accessories can be attached magnetically with your iPhone or iPads. Moreover, there will be no need of any fasteners. Hook and suction cup type magnetic hanging accessories are going to be used by Apple.

Using these hanging accessories, you can hang your iPhone or iPad anywhere like on the whiteboard while giving an important presentation. You can easily mount your phone or tablet on the headrest of your car or on your treadmill while doing exercise.

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It Protects Your Smart Device – Apple has also suggested making a detachable magnetic protective case. The protective case will save the delicate parts like the screen of your device from shocks. The best thing is that you can remove the protective case easily after use and thus you don’t have to carry extra weight everywhere.

The Magnetic Stand for Your iPad and iPhone – The magnetic unit can also act as a stand for your smart device and you can use it to support your gadget on a working surface such as a table. It is flexible and you can adjust this stand to various angles and orientations. Thus you can watch movies on your smart phone and tablet while lying on the bed.


What do you think where else you can use this magnetic attachment unit? Spill the beans and record your response on the comment box provided below.

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2 thoughts on “Hang Your iPhone Anywhere by Using Magnetic Attachment Unit of Apple

    • yeah it is 🙂 Apple is already using magnets in the iPad to support smart covers, I believe that expanding that idea to other accessories seems a natural next step.


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