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Microsoft: New Mouse and New Notification Feature


Now days we use many type of computer programs and communication systems those have notification features. For example, when we receive an email on Outlook, it notifies us by a visual icon that appears on screen of our computer or may be producing an audible sound. You might have observed similar notifications for Facebook or Gtalk. However, this feature loses its effectiveness if a user is not present at his desk or is present at a good distance from his system.

We typically want to leave the computer untouched unless there is a reason to engage the computer. Suppose an important email has arrived when we are in the same room but away from our system. This is more important when the computer or laptop is in a power saving mode and the display screen is switched-off. In few cases, we are working on Microsoft Word and do not have our email client open in front of us. In such scenarios, its difficult to know about an incoming email.

USPTO recently granted a patent to Microsoft for a new type of user notification system. Microsoft will be integrating its new notification feature in the mouse. The new mouse will be having an illuminating device, which will be notifying the users about new email or notification by blinking the light, or changing the color or changing the intensity of the light so that a user get information even if he is away from the system and his monitor is switched off.


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