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LG: A Device that can Replace all the Tablets in the Market


With the fast growth of digital devices, users are slowly moving towards writing texts on their digital devices with a stylus pen or their own fingers. However, despite the supply of such convenient display devices, users are still more inclined to use pens or pencils to draw hand-drawn sketches on paper notebooks or notepads. Such hand-drawing method still provides a better quality, which cannot yet be fully provided by the recent digital devices. However, since the conventional hand-drawn sketches have disadvantages, such as being difficult to preserve and being inconvenient to carry. The digital device is advantageous in that the digital device can store image and has greater mobility.

LG has recently filed a patent regarding an image-processing gadget. The new gadget of LG is capable of sensing and storing a hand-drawn sketch, which is personally hand-drawn by a user on a paper, notebook or cardboard. The gadget could be a simple eye glass, such as Google glass, which one can wear on his eyes. Using this device,

LG can completely eliminate the use of a tablets, phablets and even phones. User can use any surface as a drawing/writing platform and the glass can capture the information and show you digitally.

How it will be working.

  • The user has to wear the gadget while drawing or sketching. The image sensor of gadget sensing the image drawn by user on paper . The sensor will also take other data like color information, brightness and contrast and saving digital version of those hand drawn drawings.
  • It also incorporates feature of completing user’s work in case it lefts incomplete.  Gadget will  make changes on previously stored image from a point where the user has left off earlier. It also provides length information of drawn lines and can makes changes in stored image when user make changes like erasing some area and editing them.

Combining this with a small projection mechanism can completely eliminate the use of iPads and other tablets. You can play angry bird on your dinner table or on the front seat while travelling in a bus.

Reference: US20140022345


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