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Lenovo: Just Plug your Earphones and Play

Plug and play

We love to hear music using our headphones. Now-a-days headphones provide us different features like noise isolation and improved sound quality and using them enhances audio/video experience. Often, we take off headphones to talk to someone without disconnecting headphones from the jack and the music player continues to play the music. When we plug our headphones back, we realize that we have missed the song. We are sure this would have happened to all of us.

Don’t you think that there is a need of smart earphones for a smartphone. Which will be enough smart to pause a playing music file soon you remove earphones from your ears?

Recently a patent application was filed by Lenovo regarding a new kind of earphones. This new earphones works on acoustic characteristics. Whenever user removes earplugs from his ear, the earphones will detect the removal and will pause the music.

A user does not need to open his phone or music player to pause the music file. Merely removing earphones from ears will be enough to stop the music file.

Isn’t it great!!.



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