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LG: Why to Open the Door of the Refrigerator


In most of the refrigerators, the partitions are transparent to allow a user to see the stored drinks and foodstuff placed at different levels in the containers. However, in order to check the remaining amount of liquid or food in bottles and food containers, user has to open the fridge.  We all know that due to frequent opening and closing of the door, the cooling air escapes out that lowers the performance and increases the power consumption of the fridge.

USPTO recently granted a patent to LG Electronics where the company has suggested to install pressure sensors inside the fridge. These sensors will help in determining the amount of substance left in the container which will then be displayed on an LCD panel, installed on the door of the fridge. LG believes that by using this method they can contribute towards solving this problem of frequent door opening.

The heat-detecting sensor may also be used to detect presence of a person through body heat. Whenever the presence of the person is detected, the LCD panel will display the relevant information thereby keeping it in a power saving mode in other time. Thus it won’t be wasting electricity by constantly displaying the details of foodstuff stored inside the refrigerator.

Some other noticeable features like displaying expiration date of stored items will be present in the upcoming LG refrigerator. We believe LG is really working towards making the Life Good.


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