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Sony: A Television with A Sense

sony sensible tv

We all forget switching-off the television set when we are leaving the room.

How cool it would be if the television set itself switch it off.

Are we asking a lot.

It appears that Sony will soon be solving our problem with their new television. The new television will be capable of sensing the presence of the user using multipoint motion sensors. The television can sense the presence and departure of a person and other aspects like location of the person, direction of the person, distance and the intentions of the user.

This implies that television can do any of the following:

  • Detecting the distance of user(s) and adjusting the screen brightness, sound level and other settings providing a complete television viewing experience.
  • With the aid of motion sensors, the television can switch-on and switch-off based on the presence and departure of a person.
  • The sensors will also be sensing the intention of user by sensing user’s actions and then performing the appropriate actions.
Reference :- Multi-point television motion sensor system and method

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